PAX East 2014 Panel Footage

by Crow on         follow @unlimitedBLACK

The full video of the Heroes panel from PAX East is available. Highlights include the following:

  • Director Dustin Browder stating THERE IS NO BETA DATE.
  • There are no keys for the Tech Alpha. “Don’t do it, it’s not real.”
  • New heroes include Li Li Stormstout, Kerrigan, Brightwing, and Zagara.
  • New skins include a Spectre skin for Illidan, a Harlequin skin for the Witch Doctor, and… something special for Muradin. Words don’t do it justice.
  • The Pajamathur gag skin from April Fools’ has become a real thing thanks to the community response.
  • Future heroes revealed in a sneak peak include Kael’thas, Sylvanas, and Chen Stormstout.

Check out the full 30-minute video below, and our earlier coverage goes into more detail.