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Brightwing Build: Dragon Support

by - 3 years ago

Brightwing is a hero I’m very familiar with and I enjoy playing her very much. She’s a strong support with great teleports, strong heals, and the best disable in the game. If you want to see some of the basics on her check out the hero page here.

Brightwing’s main thing that makes her special is that fact that she does not have a mount but instead can use Phase Shift (Z) to teleport to any allied hero on the map. This ability has a 45 second cooldown which is fine as long as Phase Shift is used properly. Map awareness is key to being able to get to your allies in time for a quick tide turn. Phase shift is also great for hearthing back for mana then jumping right back into the fight in seconds. Brightwing’s trait is Soothing Mist and it’s going to be your main source of healing. It may not seem like a lot but a well positioned Brightwing can provide a constant source of sustain for your team and minion waves. Her Q is Arcane Flare and I find myself using this less than her other abilities. While it’s a good skill for harass and wave clear it’s damage in team fights is minimal. Throwing it out is still a good idea but, don’t expect to be able to do a ton of damage or secure kills with it very often due to its lengthy start up time. Polymorph(W) is what make Brightwing amazing because it’s a complete disable. You can use it to interrupt any skill in the game and after level 16 it also becomes a flat damage increase. I often find Polymorph is best used at the start of team fights to take the damage out of the picture though, it can also be used a bit after the fights starts to shut down the enemy healer. Pixie Dust(E) is a nice buff that is great to help allies escape or chase down a target. The one block it provides can make all the difference for escaping.

Her choices in ultimates(R) are Blink Heal or Emerald Wind. I like of this choice of heroic abilities because both are very strong. I will take Blink Heal if I’m expected to be the dedicated healer but, if someone else is healing, I feel Emerald Wind is the pick for sure. If you find yourself in the center of the enemy team Emerald Wind can ruin their day by pushing some of the enemies into your team and the others away from you.  It is also great for capping camps when a big team fight takes place at mercenaries.

The Build

Level 1

Bribe – No real other choices here since Bribe is so strong. Mercenary camps are on every map and the ability to take them quickly is always a great bonus. Take Bribe and use it to support your team.

Level 4

Protective Shield – A great skill that helps Brightwing out a ton early. Think of this as a reactive burst heal for early game because you don’t have a true heal. It’s an awesome skill for team fighting and can save an allied squishy who is being focused.

Level 7

Gust of Healing – This talent is nice for a quick burst heal on the team. Brightwing lacks in true heals early but this choice with Protective Shield more than makes up for it. I take Gust of Healing as often as possible but I will take Cleanse if I feel my team is going to need it.

Level 10

Emerald Wind – I put down Emerald Wind as the choice only because I think its a very strong skill but often you will be taking Blink Heal. Brightwing’s ultimates are both amazing. Blink Heal is a teleport heal with a short cooldown and Emerald Wind is the single most disruptive AOE skill in the game. Take Emerald Wind if you have someone on your team capable of big heals.

Level 13

Sprint – This is a tough level to choose a talent because all choices have their merits. I find myself taking Sprint more often then the other choices. Sprint keeps you safe and allows you to use Pixie Dust on an ally when its time to escape. Ice Block is good if you’re focused in team fights, Sticky Flare is good for slowing, and Phase Shift is a strong choice if you find yourself needing to teleport in to save teammates who overextend. Just read the situation of the game and pick the right talent.

Level 16

Critterize – If you thought Polymorph was good before than wait until you get this talent. A flat 25% increase in damage from all sources when you turn them into a critter is amazing! Watch the enemy hero melt when your team turns on them and not be able to do anything except cry. Take this skill all of the time because no other choice comes close to what Critterize does.

Level 20

Rewind – Double Polymorph is so strong that I take Rewind more than any other talent choice at 20. Continuous Winds is a good choice if you were able to take Emerald Winds but I think I still like rewind a bit more. Storm Shield is also strong if the team fights are close and you want to put your team over the top with a massive shield. Level 20 is often about reading the situation of the game and making the right pick.

The Strategy

Early on I like to stay with the squishy on my team and help them harass. One thing about Brightwing is that she has a fairly strong auto attack that scales well so, be sure to take advantage of that. Your goal early is to support your team with her passive sustain, shields, movement buffs, disables, and strong auto attacks.

Once you get to 10 its time to stay with the team and keep an eye on the mini map. Using your Phase Shift to get around the map in time is crucial. Brightwing has the option of being in two places at once so make sure your watching what unfolds on the map and reacting. Let’s say you’re in a 4v4 at mid while a split push is going on in another lane. Brightwing’s talents help your team secure a kill but the enemy starts to run. I would use phase shift to go support the split push instead of trying to chase 3 through their base. Reading the map like that and using Brightwing’s teleports and buffs will make her a threat all over the map.

If all else fails turn people into crabs and laugh. I hope you enjoyed reading this build and look for more from me in the future!

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