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Tassadar Build: Deadly Support

by - 2 years ago

Tassadar is the brave Protoss High Templar who sacrificed himself to ensure the defeat of the Overmind. Tassadar in Heroes of the Storm is classified as a support but don’t let that fool because he can dish out some major damage. Tassadar is a good pick if you’re looking for a ranged support with good survivability. For more of the basics on Tassadar you can check out BlizzPro’s hero page here.


Oracle (Trait) This allows for a massive map reveal around Tassadar also revealing where stealthed units and invisible things such as Zagara creep tumors. This trait can be activated at any time by pressing the D button. Oracle makes Tassadar an amazing counter pick in hero league especially in this meta when we are seeing a lot of Nova, Zeratul, and Zagara.

Plasma Shield (Q) This is Tassadar’s shield that he can place on any allied units or structures. This shield is a good one and you should try to use it to mitigate damage rather then as a response to damage. A good Tassadar will be able to identify before he or one his teammates are about to take some damage and respond with a quick shield. Doing this will allow you to get the most out of Plasma Shield and cause your enemies to waste time and resources fighting through a shield. It should be noted that you cannot shield units such as The Webweavers, Garden Terror, or Dragon Knight.

Psionic Storm (W) An amazing aoe damage spell that provides good zone control especially during the lane phase of the game. Try to place this in a way so that the center of the storm is where your target is. This allows you to get the most damage out of each Psionic Storm especially if you’re target reacts slowly. This is also great later in big teamfights because of Psionic Storm’s ability to punish teams who stay too close together.

Dimensional Shift (E) Everyone loves an escape button and Tassadar’s is one of the best. Only use this when you’re being focused and in trouble health wise. This talent gets a few buffs in this build which I will go into later.

Heroic Abilities

Archon (R) This is where Tassadar’s damage come from. During big team fights Archon is a scary force because of the splash damage and synergy with his talent picks. You also get a nice shield upon activating Archon which is good because the enemy will probably put their focus on you. To get the most out of Archon try to save it for engages of 3v3 or better.

Force Wall (R) This is a great talent pick for maps with tight spaces that you will spend a lot of time fighting in such as Cursed Hollow or Tomb of the Spider Queen. This talent takes a lot of practice but has a big payoff due to its frustrating effect it can have on a team fights. Imagine enemies running down the bridge area of bottom lane in Sky Temple suddenly trapped between the wall and your team. It’s hard to judge the effect Force Wall will have on a match because you don’t know how many opportunities will be presented to make plays with it. It has a short cooldown and is a great skill so if you’re good with it I recommend taking it.

The Build

Level 1

Overload – I like the range increase on my W a lot. It really allows you to make good plays from a safe distance throughout the game and disrupt objectives such as channeling a curse on Cursed Hollow. If managing your mana is a problem when you play Tassadar then Conjurer’s Pursuit is a great skill to take at level 1.

Level 4

Mental Acuity – I like this skill a lot due to the current meta. It seems like almost every game I run into a stealth character or Zagara vision build. Use this to have constant access to Oracle and punish the other team for trying to sneak around or spy on you. If the team is not full of stealth or Zagara creep then I will typically go with Promote for lane push or Healing Ward although Healing ward isn’t that good anymore.

Level 7

Static Charge – This gives your auto attacks quite a bit of extra damage along with really helping out Archon’s damage potential. Since this is Tassadar’s biggest upgrade for damage besides the Archon itself I try to take this skill all the time. The only exception is if I’m the only one with access to MULE and our team needs it for a map like Haunted Mines or Sky Temple.

Level 10

Archon – see the heroic abilities section

Level 13

Prescience – This gives your E button two uses that have separate cooldowns. Prescience will activate Dimensional Shift on its own and save your bacon from surprise ganks or sudden burst damage. This skill gives Tassadar a huge boost in his survivability but if I feel I won’t need that I typically take Shrink Ray. Shrink Ray is a great tool for shutting down the enemies best dps during a team fight.

Level 16

Dimensional Warp – This allows Dimensional Shift to act as a heal with a movement speed increase. This has great synergy with Prescience and makes Tassadar a nightmare to try and kill as enemies have to get through two Warps and two heals before its even possible. I take this skill 99% of the time now but if I passed on Prescience I might take Second Strike to up Tassadar’s damage potential.

Level 20

Twilight Archon A big buff to Archon that gives Tassadar’s heroic a flat 35% increase to his shield, basic damage, and range. I take this skill every time I use Archon because my damage numbers typically shoot through the roof late game. The damage potential is too good to pass up but if I use Force Wall I will take Storm Shield at 20.

The Strategy

The goal with Tassadar in early game is to keep pressure on your lane by clearing waves and harassing the enemy heroes. Tassadar is one of the best at this because once a lane is shoved back he has access to oracle which will give him enough vision to spot incoming ganks. Early just be a bully from a distance with Tassadar so that the enemy will have to waste time and energy trying to push you off your spot.

Once the game starts moving towards the middle and late phases your team will need you to properly shield so they can get the most out engages. As discussed try to use Plasma Shield in a way that mitigates damage instead of reacting to damage. Once the big team fights break out it’s time to pull out Archon and mix Psionic Storms and basic attacks that splash. The synergy of Static Charge allows Tassadar to really spread the damage around during big engages so try to make the most of it. After that its all about keeping vision on the enemies side of the map and playing the map objectives.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and learned something. As always any feed back or comments are encouraged and can be left below. Thanks for reading and look for another guide next week right here at BlizzPro!





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