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New Build Playable at Gamescom

by - 3 years ago

In addition to an avalanche of official news from Blizzard, Gamescom is also providing a wealth of interesting unofficial news, in the form of observations from attendees.  Much of this information comes from the fact that Heroes of the Storm is playable on the show floor.  However, the version of the game that they are playing is not the same as what is currently on the live servers.  There are some significant changes to several Heroes, which could foreshadow upcoming changes coming to the live servers.

It is important to keep in mind when reading these reports that this is a show build, and there is no guarantee that these changes will make it into the official game.  With that disclaimer out of the way, lets take a look at some of the possible changes that may soon make their way into the Nexus.  These comments are based on a Reddit post from Grubby, a highly respected member of the Heroes community, who is at Gamescom experiencing this build first hand.

One of the first things that people noticed at Gamescom is that Kael’thas no longer has Ignite as a level 16 talent.  This talent is currently a big part of the reason that Kael’thas’ damages increases so dramatically in the late game.  Hopefully this nerf will not be too severe, as Grubby also reports that the overall damage to Flamestrike and Living Bomb seem to be increased.  Ignite appears to be replaced by a talent that allows a 2nd Flamestrike to hit for 50% damage, at the same location as the 1st.  There are also changes to increase the range and speed of Gravity Lapse.


After the last major patch, the developers talked about improvements being in the works for Kerrigan.  Gamescom gives us our first glimpse of what they are working on.  In addition to several talent changes and buffs, is looks as if she might be getting her own unique version of Sprint and Blood for Blood.  It also seems as if the level 1 talent Sweeping Grasp is being built into the basic Primal Grasp (E) ability by default.

Two very popular talents also might be getting changed.  Gathering Power will now start at 0%, and increase 1% per take down.  The good news is that you retain 50% of this increase after death.  Bolt of the Storm is also potentially being tweaked, with it’s cooldown being increased to 70 seconds, up from 40 currently.

You can click here to view Grubby’s post in it’s entirety.  In addition to more details on the items summarized above, it also includes potential changes to Azmodan, Jaina, Nazeebo, Tyrael, and Arthas.  According to comments from Dustin Browder, the PTR will go live this coming week so hopefully you will be able to experiment with these changes first hand.  Stick with Blizzpro to stay up to date on all of the latest news on Heroes of the Storm!



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