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Heroes of the Storm Hotfixes for September 16th, 2015

by - 3 years ago

A small patch was released today to hotfix several recently discovered bugs.  Many of these issues were related to our newest Hero, Rexxar.

One of the larger problems addressed was Misha being able to collect, but not turn in, gems on Tomb of the Spider Queen.  Misha will still be able to gather gems, but they will now correctly transfer to Rexxar so that they can be properly turned in.

Rexxar’s Hunter-Gatherer talent will now properly account for regeneration globes gathered by allies.  Previously, Rexxar was not receiving stacks for these globes, which was an unintended nerf to this talent.

Another game changing, but fortunately rare bug, would cause Leoric to remain in Undying form for the remainder of the game.  This has now been corrected, and Leoric will once again rise from the grave to torment his opponents.

On the lighter side, an issue was also fixed that would sometimes allow Rexxar to spawn more than one Misha.  Having played quite a few games as Rexxar, I am sad to say that I never witnessed this bug, as it sounds hillarious.

If you would like to read the complete list of issues that were hotfixed in this patch, simply scroll down.


Originally Posted by Spyrian (Official Post)
We’ve just deployed a hotfix patch in order to resolve several issues discovered after releasing our latest Heroes of the Storm patch. Please find complete patch notes for today’s update below:

Bug Fixes

  • Reconnecting to a Custom Game after it has been paused will no longer cause the player to become stuck on the “Reconnect Successful” screen for the duration of the match.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause display issues when launching Heroes of the Storm on a Mac after receiving a Software Update prompt.

Heroes and Talents

  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause Leoric to remain in Undying form for the duration of a game.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Nova from using Abilities if her target enters Stasis after Triple Tap is cast.
  • Misha will now properly pass all Spider Gems she collects on Tomb of the Spider Queen to Rexxar.
  • Rexxar will now properly gain Hunter-Gatherer Talent stacks when nearby allies collect Regeneration Globes.
  • Rexxar’s Mend Pet will no longer cleanse him of movement impairing effects.
  • Rexxar will no longer lose the Basic Attack range bonus granted by the Throwing Axe Talent after being killed.
  • The cooldown for Misha, Charge! will no longer increase after learning the Bear Necessities Talent.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could allow Rexxar to spawn more than one Misha under specific circumstances.


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