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Muradin, Party Crasher

by - 3 years ago

Muradin has undergone significant changes since the last build was featured. This revisit of one of the best warriors in Heroes will take another look at him and give you a build that will reflect his new strengths and changes that will help control the tempo of the game and give your teammates much needed help in locking down those squishies and winning team fights.


Q – Storm Bolt

This is his skill shot stun, making sure you land it is core to maximizing Muradins potential in team fights. 1.5 second stun it provdes is the perfect setup for that kael or jaina combo to put a huge amount of hurt on your enemies or snipe someone off from trying to run away and help secure that gank on someone.
W – Thunder Clap

Thunder Clap is where a great deal of your team fight control is going to come from, it’s the bread to storm bolt’s butter. This does a base 50 damage and a 25% slow for 2.5 seconds. A well placed thunderclap will force out a lot mobility skills from assassins as they scramble to shake the slow off.

E – Dwarf Toss

For being a beefy mountain king, Murdain has some serious jumping power. This skill is fantastic for initating a fight or resetting your position to something more favorable. It gets you over walls allowing yourself an extra few second to mount and run or slow down that enemy team from taking that map objective while your team is close behind. The damage this skill provides is negligable overall as the mobility this skill provides is the real boon.

Trait – Second Wind

This skill gives Muradin his massive sustainability in lane. By simply not taking damage for 4 seconds, his HP regen increases substancially. This makes him a real beast in the early game as makes life easier for your healers as they don’t have to spend as much mana topping you off.



Muradin channels all of his beefy manly dwarven power and turns into his Avatar form. This grants him an additional base 320 health and all of his auto attack down dole out mini stuns. This is an incredible ability to help him survive long teamfights. Getting yourself into the right position as well can help you knock those annoying channeling ults and the occasional Chen or Nova out of their brewsplit/triple taps.


Murdain winds back and delivers one massive punch to an enemy, knocking them back quite a ways and dealing quite a fair amount of damage to them in the process and damaging any additional enemies that they come into contact with on their travel path. This is great for catching someone out of position overall, I’ve not found much utility in this ability outside of some Muradin/Falsted shenanigan combos with Mighty Gust. There maybe some changes on the horizon for this ability but for now at least to me, Avatar is the clear choice for Muradin.


Level 1


This skill is absolutely fantastic at level 1, it gives thunder clap a 50% reduction in attack speed to enemies it hits for 3 seconds. That gives you a wonderful headstart in teamfights against strong right clickers like Valla. Now your thunder clap is a slow and an attack slow enemies are already off to a bad start against you.

Level 4

Thunder Burn

What’s that? A second thunder clap that strikes 2 seconds after the first one and applies a base 25 damage and a 25% slow as well? Yes, please. You should always attempt to land the first strike of thunder clap, the second strike is more for zoning or additional creep wave damage. There’s will be plenty of moments where enemy heroes don’t get out of the way in time before that second strike hit them and you definitely should put additional pressure on them or secure that kill with a well placed storm bolt.

Level 7

Piercing Bolt

The benefit to this skill is clear, your storm bolt will go through the first target and strike another target behind them. This is great for setting up multi player stuns, disrupting channeling ults or cutting off a team escape by body blocking them in with their own team or disengaging by doing the same.

Level 10


This is the ultimate of choice for this build. The additional health and mini stuns Avatar gives you are simply too good in helping dictate the flow of team fights. There’s some clowny things you can do with haymaker, but you sacrifice a lot of sustainability for that and don’t get much in return.


Level 13

Burning Rage

The amount of time that Muradin can survive a team fight is insane. Instead of going for something like Spell Shield or Healing Static, take Burning Rage instead. The amount of damage it will put out while you lead your team will make this skill worth it.

Level 16


This is mainly why you take Burning Rage at level 13. This allows you to pop your trait to heal 50% of your max hp over 8 seconds. This gives Muradin some of the best sustain in the game hands down. Activating this at the the right moment can make you almost unkillable in team fights.

Level 20

Hardened Shield

This talent makes Muradin just unfair in team fights where you’re leading the charge. Combining this with avatar and stoneform makes you nearly unkillable. Tank all the ults, eat all the damage and watch them weep as stoneform heals you right through it.


The early game you want to play passive, you’ve got great ability to control enemy heroes, but you don’t want to go gung ho and get blown up in the process. Focus on soaking for your team and not dying. If someone is playing out of position and you can secure the kill with someone else, go for it, but avoid trying to go in solo. You simply will not have the damage to succeed on your own. Sure that low hp Jaina is a juicy target, but playing your skills wrong will get you murdered very quickly. Look for gank opportunities with teammates while your lane is pushed up. You’ve got a 1.5 second stun and a 25% slow with you, catching an enemy out of position while you’re rotating in will most assuredly lead to their death and force their team missing out on much needed XP. Once you hit level 10 and aquire avatar, then it becomes Muradin’s time to shine. Take note of upcoming team engagements and where their assassins, specialists and healers are positioned. Stunning the main threats out of the fight will allow your team to swoop in and take advantage of your thunder clap while your avatar and dwarf toss ensures that the others you don’t initiate on will have a rough time getting their ults off properly. As time goes on you will only get more and more beefy as your teammates grow in power. At level 20, taking hardened shield will assure that you will be able to eat several abilities and ults to the face and continue charging towards them limiting the damage your teammates will take.

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