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ETC, Genesis of Sustain

by - 2 years ago


Q  Powerslide

This is one of your best tools initiation tools. ETC slides in and stunning and dealing some minor damage to everything he hits along his path. This is great for setting enemies up to get knocked out of position by your next ability.

W  Face Melt

ETC plays a sick guitar riff and knocks everything around him back a short distance. This is great to get someone off of you while you run or to knock somebody into the loving arms of your teammates after a sick powerslide.

E  Guitar Solo

You will be using this, a lot. This is your sustain.  This is how you will be staying alive and staying in lane far longer than you have any right to. After using this, he begins regenerating health for 4 seconds. This ability will get insane late game and make you feel like King Crimson.


Mosh Pit  The more commonly used ultimate right now. ETC begins playing a sick guitar solo and forces everyone who is close around him to dance. This is an amazing team fight ultimate. Totally disabling enemies for 4 seconds is a massive window for your teammates to focus down those who need to be killed. You aren’t unstoppable during this ult so be careful of anyone who can stun you out of this ultimate.

Stage Dive  This is the less commonly used ult in the current meta. It allows ETC to jump to anywhere in the map, knocking enemies up into the air and dealing damage to anyone close to the landing point. It’s a great mobility ult, allowing ETC to do things and come in for a big assist.



Every ability ETC uses gives himself and any surrounding allies 20% movement speed. This is wonderful for chasing down that stupid Medic who keeps that dumb tank alive. Or maybe getting into range of that Jaina who’s sticking around way too long and bursting her down finally.

The Build

Level 1 Prog Rock

This ability is incredible. This also requires you to globe farm. For every globe you collect, the health regen provided by Guitar Solo increases by 3. Let that roll around in your head for a minute. The sustain this ability provides is absolutely insane.

Level 4 Double Necked Guitar

The 100% increase in width and 30% powerslide speed is great. It means you will initially get in quicker and potentially stun more enemies. Pinball Wizard here isn’t bad either for the increased damage on face melt.

Level 7 Guitar Hero

This just adds to the already insane sustain you’re going to have. After using Guitar Solo you will then heal for 50% of your basic attacks. This is nothing to take for granted since ETC actually has a good attack animation.

Level 10 Mosh Pit

See above explanation

Level 13 Groupies

This is where things get insane. Taking Groupies applies the Guitar Solo buff to surrounding allies. The amazing thing is, it will apply the healing that Guitar Solo does if you took Prog Rock as well. So all your allies are now getting that sweet sweet sustain, keeping everyone rockin n rolling all night.

Level 16 Echo Pedal

Now ETC does AOE damage every time he uses an ability. Every, ability. It even does 2 instances of damage for you. So now, when you use Guitar Solo, it’ll hurt anyone near you.

Level 20 Death Metal

There’s a few options here at 20 you could take. Bolt is always good, storm shield isn’t bad either, however I take Death Metal. Upon dying you use a untalented Mosh Pit at your location. This is a great option when you have to sacrifice yourself in order to get those last enemies dead or you are helping your teammates escape from a bad team fight.


Globe farm, globe farm, globe farm. Get all the globes you can get your 3 fingered hands on. The more globes you get the better. The more globes you farm, the harder you can go at your enemies faces. Every globe is worth on this build. Rotate a lot early game, if you have your lane pushed up, you’re not getting globes. Move to another adjacent lane and farm those globes, start a gank, push enemies out of position and get more globes. Now early game, watch were your enemies are positioned, if they’re too close to the towers, but their creeps aren’t drawing shots yet, power slide in and face melt them into the towers for some easy damage. Force them to be scared of that powerslide/face melt combo. You have 2 stuns on your side, stay away of who has channeling ults and make sure to knock them out of those as soon as possible to help your team out as much as possible. When it comes to team fights, make sure you stay aware of who has stuns on the enemy team. and try to catch them inside the mosh pit as well giving your teammates ample time to eliminate the major threads. After 13 stay with your teammates as much as possible, you’re going to give them an incredible amount of sustain with groupies that will keep them alive for far longer.