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Murky. Bluarhghuggharu? Bgururhaurhargh!

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Q Slime

Murky squirts out…something from his body. Slimy and nasty it initally applies damage to everything that’s hit by it and also affect it with the Slime status. Slimed things also take additional damage from this particular skill. It gets out of control in a hurry. All of these skills are free. Go hog wild!

W Pufferfish

This stupid fish, this skill sends out a little fish that charges up for 3 seconds and then explodes, dealing damage to everything in its radius. The fish can be destroyed after a few hits so take care on your placement of it, place it on top of enemy creeps or towers to make it hard to kill off for that assured damage.

E Safety Bubble

Probably his most infurating skill, you ever get this guy so close to death and then this stupid bubble comes out and he runs off and you swear you can hear the player laughing at you? Yeah, it’s got a high cool down of 14 seconds, but that build will fix it. This gets him out of so many situations its criminal, I swear.

Trait Spawn Egg

Murky’s most unique feature, instead of normal death timers, as long as Murky’s Egg is out on the field, he will only suffer a 5 second death timer and only give up 25% exp instead of the full amount. Now, if they kill this egg off, which they might, it happens, this trait goes on a 15 second cool down and you’re revealed to the whole map for that amount of time.


March of the Murlocs

This is probably the most underestimated ultimate in the game, in my humble opinion. This skill will utterly shred people on maps with objectives you have to fight around, especially maps like Dragon Shire, Tomb, and Infernal Shrines. Murky sends out a load of murlocks out in one direction, jumping on people and structures and dealing normal damage to heroes and half damage to structures. This also applies a slow, making this ult multi-faceted. It’s a lot better than people give it credit for.


This is normally the go to ulti for most maps and situations. We’ve all been hit by it at some point and its always annoying and it always seems like its off cool down. Comboing this skill with the pufferfish will give you the most bang for your buck. The net will even keep them in place even if you die.

The Build

Level 1 Bubble Breeze

This gets you away from any dangerous situations faster, or if you’re one of THOSE people, lets you get around people quicker and body block them for free. All this does is make your invulnerable bubble move faster. Doesn’t sound like much, but trust me, this is highly valuable.

Level 4 Living The Dream

So this is Murky’s equivilant of Gathering Power, however instead of relying on hero kills, this relies on Murky not dying. Every 5 seconds he gets another stack of this up to 15%. So quit feeding with Murky. You’ll be really glad you did.

Level 7 Compressed Air

This makes the pufferfish have a HUGE AOE now. Seriously, you can hit a fort and a tower with the size of the AOE now if you’re left to your own devices. Abuse this religiously. It makes your pufferfish/octo-grab combo easier to hit as well.

Level 10 March of the Murlocs/Octo-Grab

Both ulti’s have their uses here for reasons I outlined above. They’re both incredibly strong in the right situations.

Level 13 Bubble Machine

This is where things start to get a little absurd for our little fish friend here. Remember that 14 second cool down on safety bubble? Yeah, 5 seconds just got knocked off of it. This lets you now abuse all that invincability murky has for whatever you want.

Level 16 Rejuvinating Bubble

And now Murky is actually very hard to kill provided he plays correctly. The regen brought about this skill will frustrate your opponents, coupeled with being on a now 9 second cool down ensures that you have a whole lot more survivability to get away from team fights or body block people for far longer than you have any right to be able to do.

Level 20 Never-Ending Murlocs/And A Shark Too!

Both of these ult upgrades are great. There’s really no reason for you to go bolt or rewind on Murky. It doesn’t provide enough advantage for him with all of his low cooldowns.


STOP DYING. So, yes, you have a very low HP pool and a very low death timer. Stop dying. You may not be giving away much XP while your egg is active, but you are still giving away XP. The early game, you are about survival and keeping that creep wave from coming up too far. You’re Murky they’re going to be underestimating you. But that’s fine, after level 4, they’re going to start fearing you. “Why is this Murky doing so much damage?” Is what they will be saying. Keep the pressure on. If you’re on an objective based map, be where they aren’t, you’re going to be soaking boatloads more on top of pushing towers. If they show up to your lane, then you need to go somewhere else. If they’re chasing you all around the map, that’s good, that’s creating a lot of space for the rest of your team. Now, after you hit 10, you should start joining team fights. If they’re March maps that I mentioned above, you really want to start showing up. March will utterly shred enemy teams that stick around too long and try and fight in it. If you die, go back to pushing whatever lane they’re away from, and push the lane hard, get all that XP to keep your team level consistant or above your enemy’s team. Don’t be that Murky that never shows up for team fights and just split pushes all day. Everyone hates that Murky. Also, all game, be aggressive with your egg placement. If you think they might be close to sniffing out your egg, put it somewhere else. But don’t just leave it behind the gate all day. That will not assist you in pushing a lane quickly after dying or help you rejoin fights after getting blown up. That egg is replaceable for a reason, abuse it!



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