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Rexxar Build: Two of a Kind

by - 2 years ago

Rexxar is a unique hero in the nexus. He is considered the warrior class but his bear, Misha, feels like she does most of the warrior workload. Rexxar is kind of a niche pick for certain maps and team comps but is very strong in the right situation. He is one of those heroes that people either like playing or avoid like the plague. I think Rexxar is worth the effort because the pay off is a ton of stuns and damage output from a warrior that can stay relatively safe. If you want to see the basics on Rexxar check out the hero page here

Basic Abilities

Misha, Follow! – (Trait) You can activate this trait in order to make Misha return to Rexxar. This is useful for changing targets and moving Misha to other characters for peeling.

Spirit Swoop – (Q) This is good sneaky damage that also provides a slow. Not may warriors have access to long range skill shots like this so there is a ton of value in Spirit Swoop.

Misha, Charge! – (W) A stun for 1.25 seconds is pretty long these days. This is great for chasing people or getting to the back lines because the only thing you’re really risking is Misha. This skill will primarily be used as a kill secure or to set up bursting down one enemy hero.

Mend Pet – (E) A heal for Misha. This skill makes Misha very hard to kill for the opposition so be sure to abuse it.

Heroic Abilities

Bestial Wrath – (R) This is a huge bump to Misha’s attack power during duels and team fights. The fact that this buff to Misha last for 12 seconds on a skill that has a 50 second cool down is amazing.

Unleash the Boars – (R) I’m not a huge fan of this heroic ability. I suppose you could use it for executioner team comps or to slow down very mobile dive teams during a disengage. In my opinion though Bestial Wrath should be taken 9/10

The Build

Level 1

Hunter-Gatherer – Every globe you get is a permanent point of health regeneration for both Rexxar and Misha. The value in this is huge on heavy globe farm maps especially when you start crossing into the 20+ globe range. On levels where you don’t think that globe farming will be possible Flare and Grizzled Bear are both viable options depending on the enemy team.

Level 4

Easy Prey – Easy Prey provides great minion wave clear and the ability to solo mercenary camp. I think Hungry Bear is a bit of overkill but Crippling Talons is a viable choice if you feel like you wont need Easy Prey.

Level 7

Aspect of the Beast – Rexxar’s best ability is Misha, Charge! so two seconds off of it’s cooldown is a pretty big deal. Bird of Prey is a decent option if you prefer more wave clear and mercenary damage.

Level 10

Bestial Wrath – see heroic abilities section

Level 13

Wildfire Bear – Misha is going to be up in peoples business quite a bit. This really ups the damage output she brings during team fights and forces people to answer her pressure. Misha is like having a 6th team member and Wildfire Bear just furthers her presence in fights.

Level 16

Feign Death – This can save Rexxar and really punish enemies who try to dive onto Rexxar. Misha can be brought forward to fight off people waiting around your fake corpse providing you a chance to escape. If for some reason you just don’t need Feign Death than taking Primal Intimidation can function as a strong de-buff for enemy auto attackers.

Level 20

Frenzy of Kalimdor – The slow Misha gets is really amazing plus the extra 10% damage on Rexxar is nothing to sneeze at. Spirit Bond is good as well if you need more burst damage on your team but the overall buff of Frenzy of Kalimdor is better.

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