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Valla, Automatically Hating You

by - 2 years ago

Valla has seen a significant rework in terms of her right click ability after recent patches. This build that I’m presenting you with today will reflect these changes into her kit.

Basic Abilities

Hatred – (Passive Trait) A great passive that can really up Valla’s damage output if you make use of the stutter step and shoot strategy. Never stand still while attacking to get this up. Be fluid in your movements and shots to keep the hatred going. Stutter stepping by right clicking a target, clicking somewhere near the target, and then right clicking back onto the target will be key in helping with your ability to keep stacks up effectively and maximize your damage while remaining mobile.

Hungering Arrow – (Q) This is a great skill to catch those low health enemies from fleeing or putting extra damage onto forts or keeps. It will hit up to 3 times doing a good portion of damage with each strike.

Multishot – (W) A great ability for wave clear that allows you to put some extra damage on the enemies. Overuse of this ability for wave clear can cause mana problems so make sure you get the most out of it every time.

Vault – (E) An amazing escape tool that should be kept off of cooldown unless you’re absolutely sure that using it offensively will secure a kill or favorable trades.

Heroic Abilities

Strafe – (R) You can really get the damage flowing with this amazing heroic. In this build it’s the heroic of choice but if the enemy has a lot of hard CC such as stuns or Polymorph you may want to skip this one because good players will shut this down.

Rain of Vengeance – (R) A strong ultimate that has good synergy with wombo combo teams or abilities that hold people in place such as Void Prison or Hungering Maw. This one takes a bit more timing and skill but the stuns it provides can lead to some favorable situations. This ultimate also has seen a massive damage buff in recent patches making it much more viable on sheer damage alone.

The Build

Level 1 Rancor

In this build more arrows are better arrows. The eventual 15% boost to attack speed is absolutely wonderful for getting more attacks off and should be highly valued.

Level 4 Manticore

With this skill, every 3rd attack will deal a 60% crit to an enemy target. Doesn’t matter who, buildings, towers, walls, creeps, heroes, all will feel an extra sting from this talent.

Level 7 Searing Attacks

The 50% attack bonus for a little bit of mana each attack on this talent is great. This also stacks with manticore to give those crit attacks even more punch. I feel that this was an under utilized talent before but now with the buffs to her right clicking abilities, this is going to go a long way for stacking damage onto targets.

Level 10 Strafe

See ultimates section

Level 13 Frost Arrows

The slow that this is going to provide is going to be very valuable to your team and yourself, a 40% slow for two seconds is very good for team fights.

Level 16 Executioner

Remember frost arrows? Yeah, everything has been leading up to this. Pop those searing attacks and go nuts on those enemies for those 2 seconds. You should have extra amounts of slows/stuns on your team so your executioner will be putting in extra work.

20 Nexus Frenzy

Yup, now you’re no longer carrying crossbows, you’re carrying gattling guns. At this point anything that gets even close to you is not going to be in good shape when it gets to you.


Right click everything. Stay at distance. This is your mantra for this build. You want to maximize your efficiency with your auto attacks. This build is deceptively strong is putting damage onto people. You want to keep clicking everything in sight. Did I say you wanted to right click things?

When team fights break out early game, make sure you stick onto the same target to benefit from the extra Manticore damage. Once you’re have access to searing attacks definitely make sure to stick to that same target. Those two abilities will put a massive hurting onto whatever target you go on. Strafe is once again the team fight ultimate of choice right here, the damage it puts out onto everyone in range is absolutely fantastic.

Once you get to level 16 this is where this build is really going to shine, popping your skills for that execution/searing attacks damage is going to absolutely shred someone who thinks about going onto you. Nexus frenzy at 20 is almost a formality at that point. If people are still trying to go on you and you’re team is doing a good job of keeping them off you, they’re going to go down in a hurry. Overall, Valla’s right click damage is nothing to be trifled with and I feel this build really does a good job of enhancing these new strengths.