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Medivh Spotlight Video Revealed

by - 1 year ago

Medivh is back and he is looking for redemption. Despite the mistakes of his past, the utility that he can bring to a team with abilities such as Raven Form and Force of Will should make him a welcome addition to many groups.

Medivh Abilities

He looks to have a very interesting, but complicated kit. His success or failure as a Hero is going to depend in large part on how well players are able to use the tools he provides. Played well and he could be a powerful force capable of setting up amazing plays for his team. Played poorly and he could end up being little more than a low damage scouting drone with minimal map presence.

Medivh is expected to be released on June 14th. Take a look at the Spotlight Video below to learn more about the lore behind this unique Hero and to see his abilities in action.


See you in the Nexus!