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Malfurion: Druidic Power

by - 2 years ago

Malfurion has been in the Nexus for quite sometime now and has come in and out of the meta at various points. However, I feel many people are sleeping on this versatile support. While I’ll admit he’s not the strongest healer in contrast with others like Uther and Rehgar, Malfurion still brings a valuable took kit along with him. Below I will show a favorite build of mine for full versatile support.


D Innervate

This is a wonderful skill that gives an allied hero 20% of their maximum mana back over 5 seconds. This keeps those mana intensive heroes in fights longer and helps keep them from needing to tap that valuable well often.


Q Regrowth

This heals a target ally for 156 base health instantly and then will heal for another base 390 health over 10 seconds. This is admittedly slow, but the over time heal is exceptionally strong.

W Moonfire

Dealing a base 109 damage and revealing enemies for 2 seconds while having a 3 second cool down and mana cost of 20 is really great. You can spec into a moonfire build on some games that are creep heavy. Not what we’ll be doing here, but sometimes a moonfire build is actually an option for Malfurion.

E Entangling Roots

With a decent AOE and a 1.5 second root that deals a base 121 damage over its durations. The AOE grows over 3 seconds, sometimes you can catch a careless enemy in the outside edge if they think they’ve dodged the root already. Be clever with this skill.



It heals a base 83 health per second to anyone within its AOE over the course of 10 seconds. This is the go to ultimate for Malfurion. It keeps everyone alive in a hetic team fight for far longer than some have any right to be alive.

Twilight Dream

After a small delay, this ultimate deals a massive base damage of 389 in a huge area around you as well as silencing enemies for 3 seconds, taking this talent also increases your mana regen by 1.5 per second. Now, normally you’d get laughed at for taking this talent, but with Medivh coming very soon and the insane mobility he is going to provide, don’t be surprised to see Malfurion players take this talent, portal into the middle of a enemy team, pop this ultimate, and run back through the portal as their allies come streaming through and cleaning up behind him. The damage is absolutely insane and the silence and its AOE is absolutely wonderful.

The Build

Level 1 Moonburn

This is going to give Malfurion much needed wave clear. The extra damage to creeps means you’ll be able to push your lane out harder than your opponent, leaving you and your lane partner free to rotate and help with other lanes or push towers and forts down quicker.

Level 4 Versatile

Let’s bump Innervate up to 30% now. That’s a huge jump for mana hungry heroes. It’s going to make everyone much more sustainable in the long run.

Level 7 Enduring Growth

Now your Regrowth lasts an extra 6 seconds. That’s just going to be an insane amount of healing over time.

Level 10 Tranquility

Right now, I’m assuming you’re the solo healer, don’t be that guy who doesn’t go full heal when you’re the solo support. Be a pal, take the healing ult.

Level 13 Life Seed

There are cases for Ice Block and Shrink Ray, but for the most part, take Life Seed, having a ally benefit from a free Regrowth every 20 seconds can sometimes save that team fight and push you over the edge to victory.

Level 16 Hardened Focus

Quicker cool downs are the best cool downs. Making sure you play your role right, you should be staying close to full health the majority of the time, meaning you will be able to heal your teammates faster in fights.

Level 20 Storm Shield

Now lets bring a shield for your nearby allies on top of all the healing you’re providing. Provided you play your cards right, you should quite simply out sustain the enemy team.


You are Malfurion, you have the unique position of bringing a little bit of everything to the table for your team. You have the ability to lock someone down for a short bit of time, return mana to teammates, and heal them for good amounts. You want to play careful as as your team’s tempo dictates. Early on, try to be a little aggressive onto your enemies, poke them with moonfires constantly and get them annoyed at you. Make sure your trait is almost always on cool down as someone is going to need mana at some point and you bring that to your team in spades. At some point enemies will over commit for you leading to an easy entangling roots and extra damage to force them out of the lane or even grab a kill for your team in conjunction with your teammate.

As the game moves onward, you want to start playing a bit more careful, especially if you’re the solo healer, being able to correctly predict and recognize when a team fight is breaking out and popping your Tranquility in order to keep all your allies topped off and able to fight is going to be key to you winning those team fights. Staying in the back, but positioning yourself correctly to maximize your healing potential with your late game talents and making sure you yourself are topped off in health to bring maximum benefit with Hardened Focus cool down reduction is going to be instrumenting in maximizing your healing output for your allies.

If team fights are beginning to go poorly and you find yourself on the retreat, being able to lay down well placed entangling roots to prevent your enemies from moving forward is going to be crucial. Even stopping one person can sometimes slow down an entire enemy team, saving the lives of your allies in the process. Play smart, think about where you can maximize your potential to assist your team, and keeping an eye on everyone’s health bars and healing where is most needed will help your team win and show the true strength of Malfurion.