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Patch Notes TLDR: Medivh

by - 2 years ago

Whether you’re an old school player of the Warcraft games, a veteran of the Burning Crusade, or a fan of the recent Warcraft movie, chances are you have heard of Medivh. He has been a key figure in Warcraft lore, and now Medivh is making his way into the Nexus.


Much like Heroes such as Abathur or The Lost Vikings, Medivh is a Hero that is difficult to define in conventional terms. Unlike those Heroes, what makes him so different isn’t his mechanics, it is the utility that he can provide with his unique set of abilities. Technically Medivh is a ranged Specialist, but he leans more towards a support role than damage or lane pushing. Note that support is not capitalized.

Medivh is not going to take the place of a healer, despite the shields provided by his Force of Will ability. His tool kit not only allows him to mitigate damage, but it also lets him provide vision, movement, and crowd control to a team. This is why I say he supports the team, not Supports the team.

All of this utility comes at a price however. Medivh is not the type of Hero who is going to carry a game on his own. His strength lies in his ability to make other Heroes better, not to put up eye popping individual numbers. Medivh needs to be a part of a team that is built with his unique kit in mind. In the right situation Medivh will unlock some interesting strategies, but in the wrong situation he will be a liability. As such, he is much better suited to Hero League and premade teams than solo queue Quick Match.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Blue Tracker / Official Post)


Medivh, The Last Guardian, has been added to Heroes of the Storm and is now available for play! Read on for a brief overview of his Abilities.

Trait (Z)

  • Raven Form
    • Instead of Mounting, Medivh can transform into a raven, increasing Movement Speed by 15%. While transformed, you can see and fly over all terrain, and are immune to all effects. Casting an Ability immediately transforms you out of Raven Form.

Basic Abilities

  • Arcane Rift (Q)
    • Launch a rift that damages all enemies in its path. If an enemy Hero is hit, Arcane Rift’s cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds and 30 Mana is refunded.
  • Force of Will (W)
    • Protect an allied Hero from all damage for 1.5 seconds.
  • Portal (E)
    • Create a set of portals between you and the target location, allowing allies to teleport between them. Portals last 6 seconds.

Heroic Abilities

  • Poly Bomb (R)
    • Polymorph an enemy Hero, suppressing their attacks and Silencing them for 2 seconds. On expiration, Poly Bomb spreads to other nearby enemy Heroes.
  • Ley Line Seal (R)
    • After 0.5 seconds, unleash a wave of energy that imprisons enemy Heroes in Stasis for 3 seconds.


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