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Balance Update For August 24th, 2016

by - 2 years ago

A new Balance Update has been released, which means that it’s time to frantically scour the patch notes to see if your favorite Hero has been affected. Don’t worry Kael’thas players, you’re safe this time around.

The most noteworthy change in this update is probably the nerf to Greymane. Despite recent changes, he is still first pick/first ban in most competitive matches, and he sees quite a bit of play in Hero League as well.

Tyrael is another Hero who is receiving nerfs, in part because of his high profile in competitive play. It takes the right team composition to make him shine, which is why he isn’t seen as much in Hero League, but at the professional level he has quickly become a major factor thanks to the support he is able to provide to dive comps.

On the buff front, we have to start with our newest Hero, Auriel. Changes are being made to move more of her damage into her auto attacks, as opposed to her Sweeping Strike (Q) ability.

Some other interesting changes include a 20% increase in auto attack range for Sgt. Hammer and buffs to Guldan.

For those of you who are eSports fans, it is worth noting that this will be the patch that players will be playing on at the upcoming Blizzcon Qualifier at PAX West.

To read the patch notes in their entirety, simply click here.

Lee Vaughn

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