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Free Hero Coming With Next Patch

by - 2 years ago

Players will soon be receiving a free Hero or a little extra gold once the new patch drops on September 13th. We first heard about this promotion during Gamescom, but additional details emerged earlier today regarding which Heroes would be available and what the gold alternative would be.

Once the new patch goes live, all players have to do to claim their new Hero is simply log into the game.

Free Hero

From there they will be presented with a choice of three Heroes: Tyrande, Anub’arak or Thrall. If the player already owns one or more of these Heroes, they will be replaced with Nazeebo, Sonja, and Uther in order. Should players already own all of those Heroes, they will be awarded 4000 gold instead. Whether you need to pad out your roster or want a little extra gold for that next master skin, it is always nice to get something for free.

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Lee Vaughn

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