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Don’t Be Caught Off Guard By These Upcoming Shop Changes

by - 2 years ago

The Zarya patch, which is currently up for testing on the PTR, is expected to hit the live servers early this week. In addition to a new Hero, a new map, and a variety of Hero changes, this patch will also include several changes to the Shop inventory that you might want to plan ahead for.


For starters, several mounts are being removed from the Shop. While these mounts will return eventually, there is no timeline for when this might happen so if you have been considering buying these mounts you might want to do it now. The mounts in question are the Lunar Dragon, the Spectre Phantom, and the Dire Wolf. On a related note, the Judgement Charger will return to the Shop with the new patch.

Judgement Uther


In a rare move, there is a Hero who’s price will be increasing in the next patch. We often see price reductions, but this is the first time that I remember seeing the price for a Hero increase. Once the patch goes live, Muradin will cost 4,000 Gold or $6.49 USD, up from his current price of 2000 Gold or $3.49 USD. If for some reason you do not already own this sturdy little warrior I would suggest grabbing him before the price goes up. He is an absolute steal at 2k Gold. Speaking of bargins, if you have been thinking about picking up Diablo you might want to wait for a few more days. He is taking over Muradin’s former spot as the second 2ooo Gold warrior, so he will be 2k Gold or $3.49 after the patch hits.

If you would like to read more about these changes, or anything else that you can expect to see in the upcoming patch, then check out our patch preview article here.

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