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Samuro Revealed As Next Hero

by - 4 years ago

In an interesting twist on Hero reveals, Samwise Didier took to Facebook Live this morning to announce the next Hero to enter the Nexus through the use of his sketch pad.


While this was a completely new way to find out about a new Hero, it was short on drama as it was quickly apparent who this new Hero would be.

Samuro, the Blademaster, from Warcraft 3 fame!


It is cool to see the additional details emerge as the sketch continues…


Love the banner….


And here is the finished product:


If you would like to see the drawing unfold for yourself, visit the official Heroes of the Storm Facebook page. There is also a link on that page where you can enter to win epic prizes, including a copy of the original Samuro drawing.

If you would like to learn more about Samuro, The Blademaster, you can click here to visit his page on the official Heroes site.

Lee Vaughn

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