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New Details Emerge For The HGC Open Division

by - 1 year ago

The Heroes Global Championship series has been completely revamped for 2017 and one of the more interesting changes is the addition of the Open Division.

For those not familiar, the Open Division is meant to provide the opportunity for non-HGC teams to compete regularly and potentially even win their way into the next phase of the HGC. Whether you are someone with dreams of playing professionally, or simply someone who enjoys Heroes eSports, the Open Division will be a great addition to the competitive scene.

Today we learned more about how the Open Division will work, and when play will begin, thanks to a new post on the Heroes eSports page.

The Open Division will consist of a series of seven weekend tournaments. Points will be awarded to the top 16 teams in each tournament and at the conclusion of the seven weekend tournaments the 16 teams will the most points will advance to a single-elimination playoff to compete for a spot in the Crucible. The Crucible will pit the top two teams from the Open Division against the bottom two pro teams from the HGC to see who will claim a spot in the second half of the 2017 HGC.

The NA and EU regions will compete separately, with each region playing on alternating weekends. The Open Division will kick off with the EU on January 16th and NA will begin their Open Division season on January 23. FollowGrubby and Tetcher will be covering all of the EU action, while SolidJake and JHow will be covering the NA side of things. Games will be shown on the following Twitch channels:




North America:


Think you have what it takes to compete with the best? Signups are open now on the Open Division hub page on GosuGamers.

EU: http://www.gosugamers.net/heroesofthestorm/tournaments/13221-hgc-europe-open-division

NA: http://www.gosugamers.net/heroesofthestorm/tournaments/13238-hgc-north-america-open-division

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