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EU And NA Field Set For Western Clash

by - 1 year ago

There is still one more week of league play before the HGC officially takes a break for the Western Clash, but we already know which teams will be representing Europe and North America.

As expected, Europe will be sending Misfits, Fnatics, and Team Dignitas to Katowice. The North American representatives are much more surprising. Most people expected to see Tempo Storm and Gale Force eSports qualify, but no one would have predicted that Team 8 would advance, let alone how convincingly they would do so. Left on the outside looking in are well known teams like B-Step (Formerly Denial) and Team Naventic. Still to be determined are which teams will advance from the Latin America and Australia/New Zealand regions.

Image courtesy of ESL

The Western Clash will take place at the Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice, Poland. Games will get under way on March 3rd, with eight teams battling it out for in $100,000 prize money and the right to call themselves the first ever Western Clash Champions.

While the field may be set for the Western Clash there is still plenty left to play for in the HGC. Teams near the top of the standings need to continue to play well if they hope to make it into the Mid-Season Brawl, and teams near the bottom of the standings need to fight to avoid being set to the Crucible, where they might lose their HGC spots.

You can catch up on everything HGC including schedules, standings, and VODS at the official Heroes eSports page.

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