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Introducing Probius! The Next Hero To Enter The Nexus

by - 1 year ago

Day 1 of the Western Clash has given us plenty to talk about and the day isn’t even over yet. Nomia shocked everyone by nearly defeating Misfits, Team 8 proved that NA can challenge EU by taking a game off of Dignitas, and Lucio made his HGC debut.

If thrilling matches were enough to be excited about, Day 1 also included a surprising announcement.

While many had been speculating that Fenix or Karax would be announced as the next Hero, Team 1 shocked everyone by instead announcing Probius, a new ranged Specialist. Start gathering those resources because Probius will hit the PTR next week and will be released on the live server the week after.

That isn’t all the news out of Katowice. There will also be a Deep Dive panel on Sunday that will include a new and improved version of the On Fire mechanic, party frames, and a sneak peek at reworks for Arthas, Cho’gall, Anub’arak and Gazlowe.

You can read more about the upcoming patch in this preview article.

Lee Vaughn

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