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Western Clash Deep Dive Panel

by - 1 year ago

The first day of the Western Clash brought us the announcement of Probius and several upcoming features that will soon be added to the game. The final day of the Western Clash provided additional information about these and other topics courtesy of the Deep Dive panel. While everyone else was catching their breath from from the thrilling matches, Claudio Gentilini took to the stage to share some knowledge.

Here is a quick rundown of what we learned:

  • Probius is a high damage ranged Specialist who uses potent area-denial abilities to keep enemies at a safe distance
  • Probius has no baseline mana regeneration
  • Probius has no mount
  • Probius strengths include strong area control and high burst damage
  • His weaknesses are his fragility, his set up time, and that he needs a front line
  • Probius only restores mana when within range of a Pylon
  • Probius has a Level 13 Talent to increase ability power of allies while within Pylons
  • Probius has a passive 10% movement buff, and can activate his Z to increase his movement speed for a short duration
  • Disruption Pulse (Q) is a piercing skill shot that deals moderate damage
  • Warp Rift (W) is primarily a zone tool
  • Photon Cannon (E) another great zoning tool that can only be placed near Pylons
  • Pylon Overcharge (R) turns Pylons into weapons
  • Null Gate (R) vector-targeted barrier that deals mild damage and slows enemies who touch it by 80%

  • Party Frames are intended to create awareness about your team
  • Party Frames support other quality of life and fun features
  • On Fire feature was heavily requested by community
  • On Fire feature is displayed in several different areas
  • They wanted to improve on previous On Fire feature implementation
  • Up to three players can be On Fire
  • Players are judged to be On Fire in more nuanced ways than just kill streaks
  • On Fire can be lost on death, inactivity, or by being outpaced by other players

  • Kill Log will highlight Quest completion in the future
  • Cho’gall Outbreak event is returning
  • Two Heads Are Better Than One Quest returning
  • Cho’gall Talent updating coming
  • Rework will give Gall a more active gameplay
  • Cho’gall rework will include more talent and ability interaction
  • Cho’gall will get a new Trait (D), but only one head can use the new Trait at a time
  • Trait gives Cho 25 Armor or 25% damage increase to Gall
  • Most Warriors will be given some type of Armor in the future
  • The goal of Armor System is to provide more interesting draft implications
  • Arthas and Johanna will get Physical Armor
  • Anub’arak and Tyrael will get Spell Armor
  • Cho and Varian will recieve Armor
  • Arthas will have his kit changed to be more towards anti-Basic Attacker and have more talent diversity
  • Frozen Tempest will no longer be toggle-able and will function like an aura
  • Anub’arak will have his kit changed to be more anti-spell caster and to have more talent diversity
  • Gazlowe is having his skill potential increased
  • Turret targeting will be baseline on the 1 key
  • Xplodium charge will be getting a range increase
  • Robo-Goblin will now grant a passive 100% basic attack bonus and can be activate for a armor and speed boost

You can read more about some of the upcoming changes in this preview.

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