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New Ranked Play Details Announced

by - 1 year ago

As we near the end of Season 3 it is time to look to the future of Ranked Play.

The new Ranked Play Season will begin next week with the release of the Probius patch. The first change is that seasons will now be categorized by year so we won’t be talking about Ranked Play Season 23 five years from now. The new season will be called 2017 Season 1 and it is scheduled to run until the week of June 13.

The format of Ranked Play will remain the same, with Hero League being solo queue only and Team League being for groups of 2, 3 or 5. According to the official Ranked Play announcement, which you can find here, the solo queue format of HL has been a huge success. Team League numbers have also risen with more people playing TL games than ever before. They do plan to continue to work to address the issue in queue times between duo and trio queues.

Hero League Portrait

For many people, one of the biggest appeals to Ranked Play is the rewards. Players will continue to earn gold, portraits and possibly a mount based on their highest rank achieved. There will also be a mount reward, but at this point the exact nature of that mount has not been revealed. Players will need to reach either Platinum in HL or Bronze in TL to earn the standard version of the mount, and Masters in either for the epic version.

Team League Portrait

As has become the norm, players will have to complete 10 placement games to earn their initial rank and the certainty level will once again be loosened, allowing players to more easily move up or down in ranks during their initial matches.

What are you goals for next season?

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