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Heroes 2.0 Timeline

by - 2 years ago

New information about Heroes 2.0 just keeps coming. Earlier we learned that Heroes 2.0 would include a new progression system, new rewards, new currency, and a new Hero. Now a revamped official website has provided even more hints as to what we can expect in the weeks ahead. Many of these upcoming features are still shrouded in mystery, but here is what we currently know about the Heroes 2.0 timeline:

  • March 29th: Heroes 2.0 Beta is playable including the next Hero release, Cassia
  • March 30th: Reddit Q&A for Heroes 2.0 announced for April 5th at 12 pm
  • April 12th: Something called Heroes Timeline will be unlocked
  • April 17th: New Hero and new Battleground revealed
  • April 18th: Official Launch event details unlocked
  • April 19th: Another Reddit Q&A with more 2.0 details
  • April 25th: New cinematic, new event, and Nexus Challenge 2.0 unveiled
  • May 4th: New Hero release

As you can see, it will be an exciting few weeks leading up to the official release of Heroes 2.0. You can learn more about Heroes 2.0 in this Developer video from Heroes of the Storm Game Designer Alan Dabiri.

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