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Introducing Heroes 2.0

by - 1 year ago

Heroes is a constantly changing, constantly evolving game and nothing reflects that more than today’s announcement of Heroes of the Storm 2.0. This new and improved version of Heroes reflects the evolution of the game since launch and a bold vision for the future.

The core gameplay will remain unchanged. Heroes will continue to be the Hero Brawler that we all know and love. Whether you enjoying putting a beat down on AI opponents or grinding the Hero League ladder, all of your favorite modes of play will remain. Almost everything else it seems is changing and for the better.

Progression System Overhaul

Since it was first mentioned last year at Blizzcon, the revamp to Hero and Player leveling has been an eagerly awaited feature. This change is at the center of Heroes 2.0.

Gone are level caps. Heroes can be leveled infinitely and your Player Level will now be the sum of your Hero levels. Best of all, the Hero leveling curve has been smoothed out so that progression is more frequent and more rewarding.

As you can see progression will be much more consistent and players will no longer have to overcome massive experience plateaus to reach certain Hero levels. More consistent leveling means more consistent rewards, which brings us to…

Loot Chests

Another big change in Heroes 2.0 is the addition of Loot Chests.  Loot Chests can be earned thru Hero and Player progression or they can be purchased. Each Loot Chest contains four random items including some items that could previously only be acquired thru real money purchases.  There are even Loot Chest exclusive items like the Prime Evil Diablo skin.

Basic Chests are awarded each time a Player reaches a new Level. Rare, Epic, and Hero-specific Loot Chests are awarded for reaching specific milestones during Hero and Player leveling. You can even spend gold to reroll the contents of a Loot Chest if you aren’t happy with what it holds.

New Rewards

Loot Chests rewards won’t just be limited to Heroes, Skins, and Mounts. They can also contain several new types of items. These include Announcer Packs, Voice Lines, Emojis, Banners, and Sprays.


With all of these sweet new rewards, you are going to need a way to show them off. That is where Loadouts come in. The Loadout feature allows you to outfit your Heroes with your choice of skins, mounts, sprays, announcer packs and more. Each Hero can have up to three different Loadouts. You can find the Loadout button in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Updated Currency System

Gold will remain as the primary currency for Heroes of the Storm, but two new forms of currency will also be added with Heroes 2.0  Gold can be used to purchase Heroes and reroll Loot Chests. Gems will replace real money and can be used to buy Heroes or items in the Shop. Gems can also be earned thru progression and each player will receive 1000 Gems at Player Level 5. Shards are a new crafting material that is acquired whenever you receive duplicate items in a Loot Chest and can be used to craft cosmetic rewards of your choosing.

A New Hero

If that wasn’t enough to get you excited, the Heroes 2.0 announcement also includes a new Hero from the Diablo universe.

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Diablo franchise and relive those long hours spent playing Diablo 2 with Cassia, Amazon Warmatron. Cassia is a highly aggressive ranged Assassin who uses movement to mitigate physical damage.

Cassia will be the next Hero released and should make her Nexus debut in the next week or two.

You won’t have to wait long to see these changes for yourself. The Heroes 2.0 Beta will go live later today and is expected to last approximately four weeks. You can access the 2.0 Beta from the Region/Account drop down menu on the launcher. While you wait for the Beta to go live, check out the following video for even more details about all of the exciting changes in Heroes 2.0. Pay close attention and you might just notice a new skin or two.

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