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More Details Emerge on the 2019 Gameplay Update

by - 1 year ago

The Opening Ceremonies gave us our first look at what is coming soon in Heroes of the Storm. While the Opening Ceremony was big on announcements, it was lacking in details.

Since then new information has started to emerge on one of the big announcements from the Opening Ceremonies: the 2019 Gameplay Update.

2019 Gameplay Update

  • The experience system is being refined to keep matches closer.
  • Destroying a Fort will now spawn a catapult every third minion wave, providing a strategic advantage.
  • Armor will no longer stack, making it more consistent with movement speed buffs and debuffs.
  • A brand new Armor UI will better communicate the effects of Armor.
  • The Quick Match matchmaker will prioritize including a Tank, Healer, and ranged Assasin on each team. These restrictions will obviously not apply to five-stacks.
  • Players who queue for roles that are in short supply will receive bonus XP.
  • Stimpacks will be called Boost. In addition to buffing individual XP and Gold gains, Boosts will also give all players in that game a 5% bump in experience. This bump stacks so if all 10 Heroes in the game have a Boost active the bump would be 45%

This afternoon’s What’s Next panel should provide even more information on these and other changes so be sure to come back and check out our recap of that panel.

Lee Vaughn

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