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Heroes of the Storm Opening Ceremony Recap

by - 1 year ago

BlizzCon 2018 has officially begun!

As usual, everything kicked off with the Opening Ceremonies. Everyone loves to speculate on what will be revealed during the Opening Ceremonies, which builds a ton of hype for the event. Well, now the speculation is over. The big announcements have officially been made! Without further delay, here is what was unveiled for Heroes of the Storm:

New Hero: Orphea

In a Heroes first, the team is introducing a new Nexus inspired Hero. Sometimes known as Coffin Girl, Orphea was first seen in the Heroes of the Storm comics that were released earlier this year. Orphea is the daughter of the Raven Lord but she now fights against him after seeing his evil side revealed.

You can learn more about Orphea, including some gameplay clips, in this Spotlight video:

Orphea is a ranged Assassin and she will be available for free to anyone who attended BlizzCon or purchased a Virtual Ticket.

New Skin: Janitor Leoric

What started as a skin concept created by a fan has now become a reality. Janitor Leoric is officially coming to the Nexus!

Gameplay Updates

While details weren’t announced, a slide with the title of 2019 was shown along with a scrolling list of upcoming additions and changes to gameplay.

If you blinked you missed it but here is a recap of what was included on that slide: XP changes, Catapult update, Armor changes, Heroes, Reworks, Themed Events, Mounts, Banners, Emojis, Sprays, Quests, Boosts, Systems, HGC, Voice Lines, Story, Talents, User Interface, Brawls, Seasons, Role Changes, and MatchMaking. Towards the end things were almost a blur so it is possible I missed something but I think I spotted them all.

Check out this video and see if you can see anything I missed:

The video also includes gameplay footage of Orphea and Janitor Leoric (you have to see the bathroom style Entomb!) along with several new Skins, Sprays, Mounts and a new Announcer. And that new announcer is…

New Announcer: Kevin from the Heroes Dev Team!

That’s right, Kevin “Cloaken” Johnson will soon be an announcer in Heroes of the Storm. The man who narrates your favorite Heroes videos can now narrate your games too.


We should learn more about these and other changes in this afternoon’s What’s Next panel. We will have a full recap of this panel and all of the other Heroes news out of BlizzCon so check back often.



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