Overview: Battlefield of Eternity

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The Eternal Conflict is about to begin!  In addition to sweeping changes to a variety of Heroes, this patch will also include a new Battleground. Known as the Battlefield of Eternity, this will be the first franchise specific themed map.  Not only does this new map do a great job of visually capturing the flavor of Diablo, it also includes completely new minions, mercenaries, and music all inspired by the Diablo universe.  This map doesn’t just look different from the other maps, it will also play differently due to a new type of objective and a dramatically different layout. If you haven’t already, check out this video to see the new battleground first hand. The Basics The Eternal Conflict is the ongoing struggle between Heaven and Hell in Diablo.  The Battlefield of Eternity is a large two lane map that visually depicts this conflict thru the use of two distinct


Bonus XP Weekend Coming Soon!

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Blizzard recently announced an upcoming 100% Bonus XP weekend for Heroes of the Storm.  This event will run from 1:00 p.m. PST on Thursday, July 2nd, until 1:00 p.m. PST on Monday, July 6th.  For those of you outside the Americas region of, the event will begin at 1:00 p.m. local time. Blizzard is offering this additional Bonus XP weekend to make up for the fact that the previous event, to celebrate the official launch for the game, ended a day earlier that intended. With the Eternal Conflict patch scheduled to be released on June 30th, this will be a great time to power level the Butcher, or maybe you would prefer to celebrate the Fourth of July leveling Stars and Stripes Raynor.  Either way, plan to spend some time in the Nexus and make the most of the extra experience. As usual, this bonus experience will stack with


The Power of First Impressions

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I was recently watching one of my favorite streamers (shout out to @KyleFergusson) when I was struck by the power of a simple statement that he made.  It was early in a game and he said, “I’m just trying to be as scary as possible”.  It was such an offhanded comment that at first I didn’t grasp the full meaning.  After hearing him make similar comments in other games, I finally started to realize how profound the idea really was. Everyone has heard the expression ‘You never get a second chance to make a good first impression’.  This applies just as much to Heroes of the Storm as it does to the real world.  If you get out of position and die a couple of times early in the game, the opposing team is going to mark you as the weak link and continue to focus on you.  Likewise, if you


Haunted Mines: Tips and Tricks

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Haunted Mines is a small, two lane map that includes a second level which comes into play during the objective phase of the game.  This unique two level aspect, combined with the map objective, create the need for specific strategies that differ from other maps.  With that in mind, here are some tips and tricks to help make you more successful on Haunted Mines. Lane Assignments At its essence, Haunted Mines is a very simple map.  The goal is essentially to push your golem faster than the opposing team can push theirs.  When the game begins the first thing you want to do is identify whether your golem will be pushing the top or bottom lane.  There will be two rock circles, one above and one below, your core.  Find the one that contains the glowing golem bones and that will be that lane that your golem will push when


The Importance of Level Advantage

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If you have played Heroes of the Storm for any length of time, you have undoubtedly been told how important it is to have someone in every lane during the early game to soak experience.  The laning phase in Heroes is much shorter than in other MOBA’s, due in part to the objective-based nature of the game.  Because of the various map objectives, the pure laning phase of the game really only last two to three minutes.  After that, teams have to balance soaking experience with the need to contest objectives, but this is still considered part of the laning phase.  Conventional wisdom is that the laning phase lasts until level 10, at which point the game transitions into a more team fight-oriented phase. I thought it would be interesting to crunch some numbers to try and figure out the actual impact that having a level advantage has on the



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What could make the official launch of Heroes of the Storm even better?  A 25% experience boost that will run from 12:01 AM PDT on June 2nd and 11:59 PM PDT on June 9th of course! This extra experience will make it much easier for new players to quickly increase their player level and earn the various rewards associated with that.  It will also help them level new Heroes to level 5 for a fast 500 gold.  For veteran players, it can be a great way to get thru that seemingly endless level 9 and unlock a new master skin. Keep in mind this additional experience boost stacks with other experience increases such as Stimpacks and the Friends Bonus.  If you want to do some serious power leveling you can take advantage of all of these xp buffs to earn an additional 175% experience. The full announcement from Community Manager Trikslyr


Call me an optimist, call me naïve, but I did not see this coming.  I knew that the influx of new players from open beta would lead to a drop in the overall quality of play.  What I did not expect was the immediate and drastic increase in the amount of toxicity and outright hostility that been all too common this first week. I, for one, can deal with poor play.  It is easy to take for granted how obvious things seem after you have been playing for a while, but when you are a new player it can all seem overwhelming.  Experienced players are able to take in big picture perspective of the game and process a variety of information at once.  New players are much more likely to have tunnel vision and simply focus on how best to play their Hero.  At Blizzcon, I took a friend to

Open beta is officially here and with that comes a new wave of players into the Nexus.  For some, this will be an entirely new experience and their first taste of a MOBA (or Team Brawler as Blizzard insists on calling it).  Other players will be experienced veterans of this style of game with countless hours of League of Legends or DotA 2 under their belts.  Most will fall somewhere in the middle. There will be a lot of advice directed towards these new players.  Most of it will be sound in theory and well intended, but it can also be easily misconstrued.  Having played Heroes since early Alpha, I have seen many players who continually repeat the same cliche advice in chat and criticize anyone who doesn’t play in a way that fits their rigid understanding of the game.  Knowing basic strategy is good, but knowing the logic behind that


Kael’thas Reddit Q&A Highlights

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While there has been a lot of discussion about the latest patch and the introduction of Kael’thas to the Nexus, a recent Reddit Q&A featuring BlizzJohnzee and Centaurik has garnered less attention. These two developers took time out of their busy schedules to answer a variety of user submitted questions.  Don’t be misled by the title of the Q&A, this was not simply a discussion about the latest Hero. Here are some of the topics they covered: Kael’thas The design process started with Verdant Spheres and the trait went thru many iterations. Early versions included automatic activation, tying spell power increase to the number of Spheres, and spell power increasing the longer a player waited between spells. The final version is based on wanting players to be able to make strategic decisions for how to best use this trait based on the situation. They discussed ways to counter Pyroblast such

It has been roughly two weeks since the conclusion of Heroes of the Dorm. The games were well played, the broadcast was top notch, and lots of people watched, but what does that all mean? Here are a few things that I took away from the Heroes of the Dorm tournament: This game is for real First things first, Heroes of the Dorm showed that there is already a tremendous following for this game and that it will be a viable eSport. Since the game has been playable for over a year and is already so incredibly polished, it is easy to forget that it is still technically in closed beta.  Normally when a game has this much hype during closed beta it is because most people are unable to play it and that creates an increased desire along with a romanticized idea of how good the game will be.

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