Valeera Talent Tree on the PTR

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The Talents For Valeera are now Live on the PTR and Blizzpro has all the information you need! Level 1  Vigor – Quest. Valeera regenerates an additional 2 energy per second. Reward: After gathering 20 regen globes Valeera’s maximum energy is increased to 120 Subtlety – After remaining vanished for 4 seconds, using Ambush, Cheap Shot, or Garrote causes Valeera to regenerate an additional 10 energy per second for 5 seconds. Combat Readiness –  Each combo point spent grants 50 physical armor against the next enemy hero basic attack reducing its damage by 50%. Stacks up to 3 times. Crippling Poison –  Cooldown 15 seconds. Activate to cause Valeera’s next instance of spell damage to slow enemy movement speed by 25% for 3 seconds. Activating Crippling Poison does not break Vanish. Level 4 Relentless Strike – Reduces the energy cost of Sinister Strike by 10. Hemorrhage – Valeera deals 25% increased basic


The newest patch is here and players can now experience Ragnaros on the live servers along with the return of the reworked Haunted Mines map. We have the beginning of ranked mode season 3 coming, this patch as well which features, a brand new structure for Hero and Team League modes. There have been massive reworks to Artanis, Diablo, and Dehaka included as well. All of the details can be found below in the official patch notes.


Please Buff America

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If you are anything like me this past year of Heroes has been a bit of a mixed bag. The game now feels more stable than it’s ever been but watching Esports still feels like it’s missing something. The production values are great with top notch commentary so the problem doesn’t lie there. The wait times between games can be a bit much but downtime isn’t really what bothers me as I can do other things while I wait. The thing about sports is that it needs to give you a reason to tune in. A rooting interest is built into most sports because of a lot of people having a hometown team and let’s face it, our Esports hometown teams are abysmal. The NA performances at the fall championship were brutal to watch and much like children sitting at the adult’s table, it felt more like an extended courtesy

The Grand Finals have come and gone and we here at Blizzpro have a re-cap for you on how it all played out. Recaps contain Spoilers. Ballistix(Korea) vs Fnatic(EU) Game 1. Map:Tomb of the Spider Queen Bans: E.T.C, Tassadar, Alarak, Johanna Ballistix Draft: Muradin(Noblesse), Sylvanas(NachoJin), Rehgar(Swoy), Tyrael(Jeongha), Tychus(ScSc) Fnatic Draft: Zarya(Breez), Valla(Quakniix), Xul(Schwimpi), Leoric(Wubby), Malfurion(SmX) Muradin gets blown up at 1:02. Xul gets picked off in a team fight in mid at 2:31. Zarya gets killed at 4:04 and loses some gems. Ballistix turns in gems and gets their first Webweaver wave at 5:00. Fnatic turns in and gets their first Webweaver wave at 6:38. Rehgar dies at 7:22 and Fnatic takes out the top fort of Ballistix. Fnatic takes the bad end of a big team fight 3-1 at 8:17 and Ballstix turns in for is 2nd Webweaver wave. Fnatic loses its bottom fort at 9:51.  1 for 2

Group 2 Semifinals have come and gone and we here at Blizzpro have a re-cap for you on how it all played out. Recaps contain Spoilers. Ballistix(Korea) vs Dignitas(EU) Game 1. Map: Dragon Shire Bans: Valla, Malfurion,Rehgar, Zeratul Ballistix Draft: E.T.C.(Noblesse), Falstad(NachoJin), Brightwing(Swoy), Dehaka(Jeongha), SGT. Hammer(ScSc) Dignitas Draft: Auriel(Bakery), Muradin(JayPL), Gul’dan(Mene), Tychus(Snitch), Chen(Athero) A lot of trading shrines back and forth at the 3:00 minute mark with the teams running completely even. Tychus dies at the 4:46 mark giving Ballistix a slight lead. Chen dies at the 5:24 mark furthering Ballistix lead. Ballistix takes the first Dragon Knight and distract in the mid lane while Sgt. Hammer pushes the bottom lane. Chen dies at 7:43 after getting isolated and Dignitas loses the bottom keep. 8:58 Ballistix takes the Dragon Knight and a fight breaks out in the top lane and Muradin gets killed. Then at 10:00 Ballistix takes out the

Fall Championship Semifinal 1 has come and gone and we here at Blizzpro have a re-cap for you on how it all played out. Recaps contain Spoilers. MVP Black(Korea) vs Fnatic(EU) Game 1. Map:Tomb of the Spider Queen Bans: Malfurion, Alarak, Gul’dan, Li-Ming MVP Black Draft: Valla(Sake), Muradin(Sign), Auriel(Merryday), Chen(Rich), Falstad(Kyocha) Fnatic Draft: E.T.C.(Breez), Tychus(Quakniix), Xul(Schwimpi), Leoric(Wubby), Rehgar(SmX) The game starts with both team doing 4 man rotations between top and mid lane.  At 6:18 there are still no deaths and Fnatic turns in their final gems for Webweavers. 1 for 1 trade at the 7:34 mark causing Chen to lose 30+ gems. 7:46 MVP turns in gems for Webweavers. At 9:42 Fnatic gets another turn in for their 2nd round of Webweavers.  MVP black loses both Top and Mid Forts on the push. At 12:18 Fnatic gets their 3rd Webweaver turn in and kills Muradin following up with a

Dustin Browder, Alan Dabiri, and Travis McGeathy held a panel to talk about what was added to the game and what may be coming in the future. Dustin started the panel talking about what changed in Heroes of the Storm over the last year since Blizzcon. It may sound crazy to think about but 14 heroes have been added to the game since last Blizzcon and 4 new maps if you include The Lost Cavern. 19 Characters that were already in the game got Hero and or Talent reworks. There doesn’t seem to be any indication that the coming year will be any different! Alan then takes over the panel to discuss internal data gathered and potential changes in the future based on that data. The team would like to make adjustments to the Hero League ranking system. The goal is to get more players into gold rank as a majority

Group B decider has come and gone and we here at Blizzpro have a re-cap for you on how it all played out. Recaps contain Spoilers. ZeroPanda(China) vs Fnatic(EU) Game 1. Map: Braxis Holdout Bans: Valla, Tassadar, Zeratul, Valla ZeroPanda Draft: Malfurion(GM), Johanna(Six), Li-Ming(SK), Chen(M), Falstad(C) Fnatic Draft: E.T.C.(Breez), Jaina(Quakniix), Zagara(Schwimpi), Rexxar(Wubby), Tyrande(SmX) First blood at 1:46 taking out Johanna and giving the early lead to Fnatic followed up shortly with a kill on Falstad. At 3:35 Jaina falls to Zeropanda. At 4:27 Fnatic gets a 100-0 Zerg swarm which pushes bottom hard while blowing up the Fort. At 6:31 Falstad dies to Fnatic. At 8:18 Fnatic takes another 100-0 Zerg swarm. ZeroPanda gets a 2-0 team fight at 9:09 while defending against the swarm. ZeroPanda takes a 2-0 team fight at 12:07 on the beacon fight. 13:58 Fnatic gets a kill on Falstad while defending their Keep against a

Group A decider has come and gone and we here at Blizzpro have a re-cap for you on how it all played out. Recaps contain Spoilers. Please Buff Arthas(Taiwan) vs Dignitas(EU) Game 1. Map: Infernal Shrines Bans: Gul’dan, Tychus, Jaina, Illidan Please Buff Arthas Draft: Zagara(Alpha), Kerrigan(Baphomet), Sylvanas(Goddog), E.T.C.(Scroll), Auriel(Zola) Dignitas Draft: Malfurion(Bakery), Muradin(JayPL), Valla(Mene), Medivh(Snitch), Sonya(Athero) At 2:41 both teams posture for the top shrine with no kills on either side along with even experience. Digitas rotates for an experience lead at 3:26 while PBA takes the Punisher which evens out the experience. 6:00 Auriel is rooted and deleted for first blood on the side of Dignitas. PBA quickly turns it around by killing Sonya. At 6:32 ETC makes a great play with Face Melt to avoid death. At 7:10 Dignitas starts to take control and wipes out Kerrigan in a back and forth team fight following with another kill

Group B elimination has come and gone and we here at Blizzpro have a re-cap for you on how it all played out. Recaps contain Spoilers. Denial(NA) vs ZeroPanda(China) Game 1. Map: Sky Temple Bans: Illidan, E.T.C., Jaina, Chen ZeroPanda Draft: Kharazim(GM), Muradin(Six), Falstad(SK), Zeratul(M), Dehaka(C) Denial Draft: Xul(Glaurung), Johanna(KingCaffeine), Tychus(K1Pro), Malfurion(APM), Li-Ming(IDream) At the 2:30 mark a 4-0 team fight for ZeroPanda giving them a 1 level lead. At the 4:53 mark Xul dies to being isolated against 3 and ZeroPanda secures level 10. At the 5:56 mark Malfurion dies then shortly after at 6:05 marl Tychus also dies. At the 6:48 mark Denial isolates Zeratul and picks up a kill. At the 9:46 mark ZeroPanda takes the boss and gets a 16-13 level lead. At the 11:29 mark Denial picks off Falstad to close the level gap to 17-15. At the 12:53 mark ZeroPanda gets a 4-0 wipe

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