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Heroes of the Dorm is Back for 2016

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Last year Blizzard made history with Heroes of the Dorm by becoming the first live televised coverage of a collegiate esports event on ESPN2. Now with ESPN releasing their own esports division and the success of Heroes of the Dorm last year, it only makes sense for it to be back again for 2016, and it’s happening sooner than you think. Registration is open right now until February 18th (sign up here) with online qualifiers happening between February 20th and March 6th. The 64 round tournament will begin on March 19th and the round of 64, 32, 16, and 8 will all be available on ESPN3, Twitch, and Youtube. The Final Four and Grand Finals will be available exclusively on ESPN2 on April 9th and 10th. More than $500,000 in tuition money and other prizing are up for grabs in this tournament. Also, there will be a full bracket challenge


Diablo 3 Wizard Teased as Next Hero

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The official Heroes Twitter account put out a couple sound files today teasing what the next 2 hero reveals will be. Who’s next? #HeroReveal https://t.co/4DbTbuSLOy — Heroes of The Storm (@BlizzHeroes) January 19, 2016 The first one is very much the female Diablo 3 wizard name Li-Ming. The second one is a little harder to tell since it’s just a laugh. Some have speculated that it’s the necromancer from Diablo 2, while others are speculating Kel’Thuzad from World of Warcraft, and even some other speculation on Variann Wrynn from World of Warcraft. So who do you think the 2nd hero is? How excited are you to see Li-Ming coming to Heroes of the Storm to join the rest of the Diablo crew?

Today’s patch notes have been released, and with the patch comes a new hero Lunara. One of the awesome things about this new hero is it’s during the winter sale that Heroes of the Storm is doing where everything in the store is 50% off – and yes, this includes Lunara plus the skins being released today. It’s really cool that Blizzard is planning on doing that. Also introduced in this patch is the Winter Veil celebration. If you play 15 games during this celebrating you will earn a 4 day stimpack, 50 games will get you a 10 day stimpack. As far as balance changes go, Artanis is getting a slight buff to his basic attack and his range and speed of Phase Prism. Cho’Gall is also getting some buffs to his damage and health, but there are some talent changes that will be coming in a future patch

The Cho’Gall Week has arrived and with it the new map Towers of Doom. If you attended BlizzCon 2015 or had the virtual ticket then Cho’Gall will be activated on your account. If you didn’t and want Cho’Gall, then you need to find a friend that has him and play with them on it. After a few games of doing this you will then unlock the character yourself, effectively spreading what Dustin Browder has called the “Cho’Gall virus”. Other big features besides some balance changes to heroes, are changes to the in game score screen which will now show kills and assists instead of takedowns. Also the scaling changes and respawn timers have been altered. Characters will now be a bit stronger in the early game and early kills will have more meaning behind them as the respawn timers are increased for levels 1-10. You check check out the full

At BlizzCon 2015 we got to sit down with Lead Technical Deigner John Hodgson and Techical Director Alan Dabiri to discuss everything that was revealed for Heroes of the Storm. This interview was set up by Blizzard to be a dual publication with BlizzPro and StormCast. Some of the topics explored were talking about the new heroes, the new map, the inspiration for them, and a whole lot of talk about the MMR system and match making. You can watch the full interview below.


Heroes BlizzCon Recap

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Episode 38: Heroes BlizzCon Recap Twizz and Neinball are out this week, but we wanted to make sure we did a special episode regarding the BlizzCon reveals. J. R., Charlie, and Jimmy get together and share their BlizzCon 2015 experience and give their hands on review of everything that was shown and was on demo on the show floor! We discuss Greymane, Lunara, Cho’Gall, The Towers of Doom, Arena Mode, and also the World Championships! There’s a lot of information in this episode and we didn’t record it live, so the only way you’ll hear it is by grabbing the audio download below or subscribing to iTunes.


Artanis Week

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Are you ready to step into the Nexus and do battle with your favorite hero? Of course! We all are! But how equipped are you for battle? How are you going to build your Hero to be the most effective combatant and team member possible? That’s where the Heroes Power Hour comes in. You can only get so much from audio podcasts. It’s time to see it with your own eyes on video! Every week your host Twizz features a new hero, talent build and explanation to help you take the Nexus…well…by storm. The Hero is broken down by abilities and talents and then several games are played by him and his co-hosts. So sit back, enjoy the fun, check out the build and become a better player with us! Live on Air: Tuesday 9:00 PM CST Channel: BlizzPro Email: podcast@blizzpro.com Twitter: @TwizzBP, @BalrogfanBP, @DJTyrant, @Eldorian Episode 37: Artanis Week

Artanis week begins with the first StarCraft warrior hero arriving to the game in Artanis. Lt. Morales also sees a bit of a health and regeneration buff to make her a little less squishy and maybe that will help her win rate. Other changes come to the draft system which will now penalize AFK players while also giving players more time to make their hero selections. There is also changes to the match making system which should help pit players more correctly with others of the same skill level. You can read the full notes below.


Lt. Morales Low Win Rate

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Episode 36: Lt. Morales Low Win Rate This week we talk about an interesting tweet from Dustin Browder as well as make some BlizzCon predictions! We also give you a Sonya and Muradin guide/breakdown. We hope you enjoy! Game Play


Medic Patch

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Episode 35: Medic Patch In this weeks episode we discuss everything from the Medic talents to hot keys some people may not have known about or forgot. We also discuss the latest bundles and much more! http://patreon.com/heroespowerhour Game Play

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