Just as the dust settles on HGC action with the conclusion of the Eastern Clash, the competition sparks back up in yet another region. This week saw the commencement of ANZ HGC Season 2 produced by Gamestah. The Swiss style tournament has come back for the latest season with prizes and the ever important seed into the Regional Final up for grabs. Gamestah has changed things up slightly this season with the competition running over 5 weeks rather than 4, though the Swiss style tournament itself has stayed true being a 5 round best of 1. This gives the tournament and the teams much diversity each week, never generating stale competition. Blizzard ANZ also stepped up this season providing all entrants that participate in all 5 weeks a free Hero and Skin Bundle plus a sizeable prize pool for the top 2 winning teams. This marketing scheme proved a success


Lessons from the Nexus with Leg0Lamb

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Climbing the ladder in any game is a grueling task and Heroes of the Storm is no different. Many factors halt progress but none more so than personal ability and skill. If a player is lacking the necessary skills and ability for a specific rank then it is simply unattainable. Because of this, an insatiable demand has emerged for knowledge on key strategies to improve a players mechanical skill. Over the course of the next few weeks, aspects of improving personal skill will be released to hopefully assist players on building up specific areas of gameplay. This week the main focus will be on mechanical ability and micro-managing Heroes. First and most importantly is setting yourself up with a decent Hero pool that you not only enjoy playing but also covers the wide spectrum of roles. The problem many players face is they enjoy a multitude of different characters but


Why you should be scared of Arthas

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What do we know about Hero design and balance philosophy? If it doesn’t work, fix it. The problem with this is you see multiple changes made to certain Heroes that the Development Team either just can’t get right or gets too right and then has to tune them back again. We have seen this with many Heroes in the past, most recently with Murky. His rework was so effective in the lower leagues that he became the new first pick/first ban Hero and an ultimate pain to play against. So what did the development team do? They nerfed him. The opposite can be said for Arthas. Arthas has, since the game’s launch, been one of those Heroes for whom the Development Team cannot seem to get the right balance. Due to his versatile play style and lock down potential it’s very difficult to keep him in check especially when introducing

The stage is set and the brackets have been filled for the first international competition for Heroes of the Storm in 2017. Of the competing teams, Nomia, have proved themselves worthy in the ANZ circuit yet again and secured themselves a dominant seat at the HGC Western Clash this coming weekend. I took some time this week to sit down with team captain, Robadobah, to pick his brain on the competition and see how he and his team feel coming into this challenging competition. First and foremost congratulations on your win in the ANZ Grand Final. How did you and the team feel coming into the competition? Very confident honestly, the other teams kind of imploded this time… It was a little disappointing. How do you think the ANZ meta compares to the other regions? This is tricky because, we don’t really have a meta in that people usually revolve their

The ANZ HGC Competition came to an explosive conclusion this weekend with the Grand Final Series. Over the past few weeks the Qualifiers have seen the best of the best duke it out for the honour of competing in this event. The four teams that managed to achieve this were Nomia, Sweet Dreams, Plantronics NV and Sassu. The production value of these online matches were impeccable, aside from the odd connection issue, and the talented Disconcur and Skimmy cast the event live from ESL studios in Sydney. One of the most enjoyable facets of the production was the minimal downtime between games having few breaks last longer than 5 minutes. More entertaining portions of the day came from the banter between teams in the Drafting Phase showing the larrikin nature of the ANZ players. Going into the competition the favourites for sure were Nomia. However, eagle eye punters believed Plantronics


The Murloc Strikes Back

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With the release of the Lucio patch to Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard has seemingly resurrected a much-loved Hero. A former glorified character that once upon a time arguably took down Team DK, the Korean giants, for Cloud9 at the very first Global Championship. That’s right, Murky the Baby Murloc! For some time now, Murky has not been favoured in the Meta for multiple reasons; mostly because recent Hero releases allow his style of play to be easily countered. Developer Comment: Mrrgrgrlgrl! Rise my brother murlocs! Mrrrgrgrlrlgrl! Vengeance will be ours! In examining Murky, his original health and egg timers are vestiges of a different time, created before even Jaina entered the Nexus. It seems the Developers realized that post Murky, Hero releases have not been favourable to him and have decided to buff up a few things to compensate. Murky has been a niche pick for quite some time

The ANZ Heroes scene was rife with competition this weekend as it was the last chance for teams to qualify for the ANZ HGC Grand Final Tournament. Over the past few weeks the Gamestah ANZ Qualifier Series has been running and teams have battled it out for the first two seeds into the ANZ HGC Grand Final Tournament. Those first two spots went to favourites Nomia and Sweet Dreams, two of the strongest teams on the scene. This weekend, however, marked the final Qualifier where first and second place attained the last two seeds. Casters Disconcur and GLPhoenix performed an excellent job shoutcasting the games and analysing the drafts, especially through the difficult moments caused by the aggressive nature of ANZ players. One example of this was in Game 3 of the Losers Bracket Final, which saw NMD and Plantronics continuously fighting over the Beacons on Braxis Holdout. It was certainly