Sylvanas: Forsaken Pushing

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It’s been a decent bit of time since Sylvanas got a massive overhaul in the Nexus. Below we’re going to cover a build I’m personally fond of that enables you to both effectively jungle and participate in team fights when the situation arises. Abilities Trait Black Arrows Probably one of the best traits in the game. Every time you hit a minion, merc, or a structure, it becomes stunned for 1 full second. This enables amazing push out of her by virtue of simply letting your creeps do more damage by taking less damage themselves. They can’t hurt you if they can’t hit you. Q Withering Fire This ability comes with 5 charges, and every time you smash that Q button, you fire off an arrow that hits the closes enemy for a base 50 damage, it’s 49.92, but lets just round it up for simplicity’s sake. These arrows do


Tyrael: Angelic Justice

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Tyrael has seen a great deal of play recently inside the Nexus in both casual and competitive settings. So we’ll take a look at a build that I like that should give you and your team a good leg up in your games. Abilities Trait Archangel’s Wrath Upon death, you turn into a spooky ghost who will then explode for a massive amount of damage, starting at a base 572 after 3.5 seconds. Granted, this isn’t the best trait in the Nexus, but you can even the score by either getting that post death kill or forcing someone out of a fight by exploding in their face. Q El’Druin’s Might Tyrael decides its in his best interest to throw his sword at you dealing 114 base damage and slowing you for 25% for 2.5 seconds. Its not a bad slow for its length. However the main benefit of this skill


Gul’Dan Horrifc Warlock

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Gul’Dan has now been in the nexus for a number of weeks now and people are finally getting a good taste of what the Orc Warlock’s power can bring to a team in the nexus. Today I will cover a build that I’ve been working with that I think will serve you well in laying everything to waste in the nexus. Abilities D Trait Life Tap Despite his overwhelming fel powers, Gul’Dan does not regenerate mana in any way. This lack of innate regen is made up by Life Tap, where Guldan will sacrifice a bit of his health in order to recover 25% of his maximum mana. Be very careful of mashing this as you don’t want to lose up to 50-75% of your life on accident. Q Fel Flame With an amazing cool down of 1.5 seconds and dealing a base 209 damage, fel flame is spamable and

Greetings everyone. It’s a new week for Heroes of the Storm and that means a new sale and free hero rotation pool! This week will leave you hungry for assassins as we have a sale on a particular assassin, an accompany skin, and sale on a skin for one of the most patriotic heroes in the Nexus . Hero Sales The Butcher is on sale this week along with his Iron Butcher skin. He is priced at $4.24 for this week while his skin is priced at $3.74. As for that additional hero skin, that would Commander Raynor skin, which is priced at $3.74. Free Hero Rotation For this week, Li Li, ETC, Li-Ming, Sgt. Hammer, Johanna, and Greymane are available for accounts of all levels. At levels 5,7, 12, and 15 you will have access to Kharazim, Tychus, Illidan, and Tracer in order. Have a great week in the Nexus

What is up everyone, we have a new week, meaning new sales, discounts, and new rotations for free heroes. This week, we have a hero, an accompanying skin, and an unrelated skin going on sale as well! Hero Sale This week, the primal zerg Dehaka is on sale along with his Mecha Dehaka, additionally the Pure Country ETC skin will also be available for purchase at a discount. The prices for all these items will be $4.99. Hero Rotation For the free hero rotation this week for all accounts will be Malfurion, Valla, Anub’arak, Azmodan, and Artanis. At player account levels 5, 7, 12, and 15 you will have access to Gazlowe, Kael’thas, and Nova. Happy hunting out in the nexus everyone!



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Tomorrow, the new ranking system beings as well as the rewards that are going to come with the end of the Preseason. Check out the post below to find out everything this entails!

Hey everyone, its the start of the Summer Global Championships and the start of a new week, which means a new sale and new free hero rotations! Free Rotation The heroes this week for the free rotation will be Lili, ETC, Nazeebo, Kerrigan, Falstad and Sonya for all players of all account levels. Upon reaching player account levels 5, 7, 12, and 15 you will have additional access to Chen, Rexxar, Zeratul, and finally Sgt. Hammer. Hero Sales This week we’re getting a sale on Cho‘Gall going on sale for $4.99 for each of heads, his Corruptor skin will also go on sale for $3.74. Also, a long time favorite Zagara, her Insectoid skin will be going on sale for $3.74 as well. Both great skins for these characters. Good luck out there in the Nexus everyone!


Malfurion: Druidic Power

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Malfurion has been in the Nexus for quite sometime now and has come in and out of the meta at various points. However, I feel many people are sleeping on this versatile support. While I’ll admit he’s not the strongest healer in contrast with others like Uther and Rehgar, Malfurion still brings a valuable took kit along with him. Below I will show a favorite build of mine for full versatile support. Trait D Innervate This is a wonderful skill that gives an allied hero 20% of their maximum mana back over 5 seconds. This keeps those mana intensive heroes in fights longer and helps keep them from needing to tap that valuable well often. Abilities Q Regrowth This heals a target ally for 156 base health instantly and then will heal for another base 390 health over 10 seconds. This is admittedly slow, but the over time heal is


Medivh has gone live in the PTR as well as the upcoming changes to Ranked Games. Check out the post below for more information on these exciting changes coming soon!

Once again a new week comes around and we have the weekly character rotations and sales for you! Free Hero Rotation The hero rotation for this will feature Malfurion, Valla, Diablo, Thrall, and Xul for all players. Chen will be available at profile level 5 while Rexxar, Zeratul, and Sgt. Hammer become available at 7, 12 and 15 respectively. Weekly Sale This week’s sale will consist of two heroes and a mount. The two heroes that will be on sale are Kharazim and The Lost Vikings.  The aforementioned mount is the Cloud Serpent mount with all prices of the three items being reduced to $4.99USD. This sale will end Monday and Blizzard will begin their next sale the day after. Please note their in game gold prices will remain the same, the sales are for real money purchases only.

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