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Heroes of the Dorm: Upsets Abound

by Alebeard on

Over four hundred teams registered for Heroes of the Dorm in hopes of making it onto the big stage and winning free college tuition. After today, only four teams remain to chase that dream. The early story of the event was the large number of upsets. Group A was particularly volatile with the 3, 4, and 5 seeds all falling in the opening round. The chaos continued in the second round when top-seeded Illinois fell to Stony Brook University and 6 seeded Texas A&M fell to Bellevue. With so many top seeds eliminated, the path was clear for second-seeded LSU to make their way out of the bracket and they did so in style by not dropping a single game. LSU is a team of HotD veterans and they also feature two members of the top-ranked HGC Open Division team, LFM eSports. Expect them to be a favorite to reach the Grand


Just as the dust settles on HGC action with the conclusion of the Eastern Clash, the competition sparks back up in yet another region. This week saw the commencement of ANZ HGC Season 2 produced by Gamestah. The Swiss style tournament has come back for the latest season with prizes and the ever important seed into the Regional Final up for grabs. Gamestah has changed things up slightly this season with the competition running over 5 weeks rather than 4, though the Swiss style tournament itself has stayed true being a 5 round best of 1. This gives the tournament and the teams much diversity each week, never generating stale competition. Blizzard ANZ also stepped up this season providing all entrants that participate in all 5 weeks a free Hero and Skin Bundle plus a sizeable prize pool for the top 2 winning teams. This marketing scheme proved a success

Korea has long been considered the best region in the game and based on the results of the Eastern Clash that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. Much like the Western Clash, one region was clearly favored going into the event. Although eStar from China was considered a threat to break into the Top 3, L5 and MVP Black from Korea were thought to be a clear step above the other teams. Early play was dominated by the favorites. The first seven matches were all sweeps, putting a quick end to any hopes of a Cinderella story. While L5 comfortably advanced to the Winners Final, eStar and MVP Black battled in an epic five-game series with a spot in the Winner’s Final on the line. eStar jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead, but MVP Black was able to pull off a thrilling reverse sweep and steal the win


Countdown to the Eastern Clash

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The Eastern Clash begins this weekend with some of the best teams in the world squaring off for a share of the $100,000 prize pool and the right to call themselves the first ever Eastern Clash Champion. Eight teams from Korea, China, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan have gathered in Shanghai, China for an intense weekend of Heroes action. While teams from North American and Europe may be more well known to the casual fan, there is no denying the fact that the best teams in the world play in the east. Any debate otherwise was disproven last year when every single global event was won by a Korean team. L5, formerly known as Ballistix is clearly the team to beat going into this event. Since their victory at Blizzcon last year, they have gone on to win the Gold Club World Championship and are undefeated in the Korean HGC. MVP

Heroes of the Dorm is back for 2017 and so is the Bracket Challenge. Hundreds of teams registered all with the dream of being crowned HotD Champions and winning free college tuition. Now only 64 teams remain and they will fight it out in a single elimination bracket that will culminate in the Heroic Four at the Cox Pavilion on the UNLV campus in Las Vegas. Bracket play will begin on March 18th with all of the action being shown on Facebook Live. The Heroic Four will be April 8th in front of what is sure to be a standing room only crowd in fabulous Las Vegas. Everyone who attends the Heroic Four will receive a Cheerleader Kerrigan Bundle and will be treated to one of the best atmospheres in Heroes eSports. If you aren’t able to attend live, you can still watch all of the action from home on Facebook

When the Western Clash began it was almost a foregone conclusion that the finals would be an all European affair. Although Team Dignitas had long been a fixture at the top of the EU scene, recent results had most people predicting that it would be Fnatic and Misfits squaring off in the finals. With both teams advanced to the Winners Final this appeared to be correct. After Fnatic defeated Misfits 3-1 in the Winners Finals attention shifted to the Losers Bracket. Team Dignitas began their unexpected trip to the Grand Final by facing off against Team 8. Although Team 8 showed potential, Dignitas completed a 3-0 sweep to advance to face Misfits in the Loser’s Final. The stage appeared to be set for a Fnatic versus Misfits Grand Final after Misfits claimed the first two games. Dignitas had other plans however, and proceeded to win the next three games to take the


Teams Set For Western Clash Final

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Four teams entered the final day of the Western Clash hoping to lay claim to the title of best in the west. The day began with Misfits and Fnatic squaring off in the Winners Final. Considered the top two teams coming into the event, the stage was set for an epic showdown. Misfits vs. Fnatic The first game of the series took place on Infernal Shrines. Play was fairly even thru the mid-game when Fnatic made a bold strategic call during the fifth Punisher phase. Rather than contest for the Punisher in the top lane they opted to push to take down a Keep in the bottom lane, which proved to be a key factor in the outcome of the game. After securing the Keep, Fnatic was able to defend against Misfit’s top lane Punisher and retain a slight advantage. Given the power of late game Punishers; it appeared that

The stage is set and the brackets have been filled for the first international competition for Heroes of the Storm in 2017. Of the competing teams, Nomia, have proved themselves worthy in the ANZ circuit yet again and secured themselves a dominant seat at the HGC Western Clash this coming weekend. I took some time this week to sit down with team captain, Robadobah, to pick his brain on the competition and see how he and his team feel coming into this challenging competition. First and foremost congratulations on your win in the ANZ Grand Final. How did you and the team feel coming into the competition? Very confident honestly, the other teams kind of imploded this time… It was a little disappointing. How do you think the ANZ meta compares to the other regions? This is tricky because, we don’t really have a meta in that people usually revolve their

The ANZ HGC Competition came to an explosive conclusion this weekend with the Grand Final Series. Over the past few weeks the Qualifiers have seen the best of the best duke it out for the honour of competing in this event. The four teams that managed to achieve this were Nomia, Sweet Dreams, Plantronics NV and Sassu. The production value of these online matches were impeccable, aside from the odd connection issue, and the talented Disconcur and Skimmy cast the event live from ESL studios in Sydney. One of the most enjoyable facets of the production was the minimal downtime between games having few breaks last longer than 5 minutes. More entertaining portions of the day came from the banter between teams in the Drafting Phase showing the larrikin nature of the ANZ players. Going into the competition the favourites for sure were Nomia. However, eagle eye punters believed Plantronics


Lessons From The HGC Week 4

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What a weekend of HGC action! We found out which six teams will be representing Europe and North America at the Western Clash and we got our first look at professional play on the Valeera patch. Although Valeera herself only made a brief cameo (3 games), there was a noticeable change in the Meta as a result of the patch change. For starters, Tassadar was played or banned in 77% of the games played over the weekend. While this may sound high, he had been at 94% on the old patch. Malfurion continued to be a fixture in every game. Literally every game! Of the 75 games played over the weekend Malfurion was either picked or banned in every single one. Although his win rate was only 47% it still goes to show how much value the top players feel he has. Of Heroes who were played in at least

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