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Lessons From The HGC Week 3

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Another weekend of intense HGC action means another opportunity to look to the pros for ways that we can improve our own games. One of the greatest parts of the HGC is that each region has its own distinct style of play and Hero prioritization. In addition to games from NA and EU, this weekend also brought us our first look at the Korean HGC. Considering that every Global HGC event with the exception of Blizzcon 2015 has been won by a Korean team, there is a lot to be learned from watching how our Korean Overlords play. Long Live the King! Varian saw a notable uptick in play this last weekend. North America had already been featuring a fair amount of Varian, but several Korean teams also drafted comps featuring the Alliance King. EU even got in on the action by picking Varian four times over the weekend after


Lessons from the HGC Week 2

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Welcome back to Lessons from the HGC, where we study the competitive scene to look for ways that we can improve our own games. It is important to note that HGC games are currently being played on the Zul’jin patch, which means none of the reworks, buffs, or nerfs that were a part of the Valeera patch are in the build they are playing on. This is relevant because Tassadar continues to be a highly valued Hero, with an incredibly high ban and win rate. It also explains why no one is riding around on the sweet Golden Rooster mount. His Time Has Come Artanis has long had a loyal following of devoted players patiently waiting for him to rise to the top of the Meta. That day has finally arrived, at least in North America. What makes Artanis such a threat is the playmaking potential of Phase Prism, especially

It is certainly no surprise that Heroes of the Dorm is returning for 2017. The event is a perennial crowd favorite, and has garnered quite a bit of mainstream attention in its first two years of existence. What is a bit of a surprise is that this year’s event will be exclusive to Facebook Live. The Group Stage for this year’s tourney will begin on February 15th, and registration is open now. Bracket Play will begin on March 18th with the top 64 teams competing for their spot in the Heroic Four on April 8th. The location of the Heroic Four hasn’t been announced yet, but it will take place in front of a live audience. You can read all about this year’s event below, and if you would like to register a team simply visit the official Heroes of the Dorm site. This is also where you will want


Once an obscure hobby of stat driven baseball nerds, fantasy sports have become a global phenomenon. Whether it is managing a season long fantasy team, playing daily fantasy, or creating a March Madness bracket, it seems as if everyone is playing some type of fantasy sport. Being able to compete with friends and have a vested interest in the outcome gives fantasy sports an appeal that transcends beyond traditional sports fans. With the start of the Heroes Global Championship right around the corner, a new website hopes to bring this same level of fan interaction to Heroes of the Storm. Much like traditional fantasy sports, Rosterpocalypse.com allows fans to test their managerial skills and create their own Heroes Dream Team. Aspiring managers can compete in public leagues in hopes of earning prizes like Heroes Bundles or Battlenet gift cards or they can create and join private leagues to compete with

The Heroes Global Championship series has been completely revamped for 2017 and one of the more interesting changes is the addition of the Open Division. For those not familiar, the Open Division is meant to provide the opportunity for non-HGC teams to compete regularly and potentially even win their way into the next phase of the HGC. Whether you are someone with dreams of playing professionally, or simply someone who enjoys Heroes eSports, the Open Division will be a great addition to the competitive scene. Today we learned more about how the Open Division will work, and when play will begin, thanks to a new post on the Heroes eSports page. The Open Division will consist of a series of seven weekend tournaments. Points will be awarded to the top 16 teams in each tournament and at the conclusion of the seven weekend tournaments the 16 teams will the most


Please Buff America

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If you are anything like me this past year of Heroes has been a bit of a mixed bag. The game now feels more stable than it’s ever been but watching Esports still feels like it’s missing something. The production values are great with top notch commentary so the problem doesn’t lie there. The wait times between games can be a bit much but downtime isn’t really what bothers me as I can do other things while I wait. The thing about sports is that it needs to give you a reason to tune in. A rooting interest is built into most sports because of a lot of people having a hometown team and let’s face it, our Esports hometown teams are abysmal. The NA performances at the fall championship were brutal to watch and much like children sitting at the adult’s table, it felt more like an extended courtesy

It started with over 400 collegiate teams from across North America, but when the confetti cannons went off at the CenturyLink Field Event Center there was only one team who could call themselves 2016 Heroes of the Dorm Champions. A new documentary from Blizzard Entertainment, A New Hero: The Rise of College Esports, tells the stories of the players who made it to the Heroic Four in Seattle, as well as the rapid growth of collegiate Esports as a whole. We were fortunate enough to be able to sit down with Adam Rosen, President and Co-Founder of Tespa, and Stefen “akaface” Anderson, Support player for Arizona State University, to talk about the documentary, Heroes of the Dorm, and Esports in general. If you would like to learn more about Tespa, or to find a chapter at your university, simply click here.

The Grand Finals have come and gone and we here at Blizzpro have a re-cap for you on how it all played out. Recaps contain Spoilers. Ballistix(Korea) vs Fnatic(EU) Game 1. Map:Tomb of the Spider Queen Bans: E.T.C, Tassadar, Alarak, Johanna Ballistix Draft: Muradin(Noblesse), Sylvanas(NachoJin), Rehgar(Swoy), Tyrael(Jeongha), Tychus(ScSc) Fnatic Draft: Zarya(Breez), Valla(Quakniix), Xul(Schwimpi), Leoric(Wubby), Malfurion(SmX) Muradin gets blown up at 1:02. Xul gets picked off in a team fight in mid at 2:31. Zarya gets killed at 4:04 and loses some gems. Ballistix turns in gems and gets their first Webweaver wave at 5:00. Fnatic turns in and gets their first Webweaver wave at 6:38. Rehgar dies at 7:22 and Fnatic takes out the top fort of Ballistix. Fnatic takes the bad end of a big team fight 3-1 at 8:17 and Ballstix turns in for is 2nd Webweaver wave. Fnatic loses its bottom fort at 9:51.  1 for 2

Group 2 Semifinals have come and gone and we here at Blizzpro have a re-cap for you on how it all played out. Recaps contain Spoilers. Ballistix(Korea) vs Dignitas(EU) Game 1. Map: Dragon Shire Bans: Valla, Malfurion,Rehgar, Zeratul Ballistix Draft: E.T.C.(Noblesse), Falstad(NachoJin), Brightwing(Swoy), Dehaka(Jeongha), SGT. Hammer(ScSc) Dignitas Draft: Auriel(Bakery), Muradin(JayPL), Gul’dan(Mene), Tychus(Snitch), Chen(Athero) A lot of trading shrines back and forth at the 3:00 minute mark with the teams running completely even. Tychus dies at the 4:46 mark giving Ballistix a slight lead. Chen dies at the 5:24 mark furthering Ballistix lead. Ballistix takes the first Dragon Knight and distract in the mid lane while Sgt. Hammer pushes the bottom lane. Chen dies at 7:43 after getting isolated and Dignitas loses the bottom keep. 8:58 Ballistix takes the Dragon Knight and a fight breaks out in the top lane and Muradin gets killed. Then at 10:00 Ballistix takes out the

Fall Championship Semifinal 1 has come and gone and we here at Blizzpro have a re-cap for you on how it all played out. Recaps contain Spoilers. MVP Black(Korea) vs Fnatic(EU) Game 1. Map:Tomb of the Spider Queen Bans: Malfurion, Alarak, Gul’dan, Li-Ming MVP Black Draft: Valla(Sake), Muradin(Sign), Auriel(Merryday), Chen(Rich), Falstad(Kyocha) Fnatic Draft: E.T.C.(Breez), Tychus(Quakniix), Xul(Schwimpi), Leoric(Wubby), Rehgar(SmX) The game starts with both team doing 4 man rotations between top and mid lane.  At 6:18 there are still no deaths and Fnatic turns in their final gems for Webweavers. 1 for 1 trade at the 7:34 mark causing Chen to lose 30+ gems. 7:46 MVP turns in gems for Webweavers. At 9:42 Fnatic gets another turn in for their 2nd round of Webweavers.  MVP black loses both Top and Mid Forts on the push. At 12:18 Fnatic gets their 3rd Webweaver turn in and kills Muradin following up with a

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