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Group 2 Semifinals have come and gone and we here at Blizzpro have a re-cap for you on how it all played out. Recaps contain Spoilers. Ballistix(Korea) vs Dignitas(EU) Game 1. Map: Dragon Shire Bans: Valla, Malfurion,Rehgar, Zeratul Ballistix Draft: E.T.C.(Noblesse), Falstad(NachoJin), Brightwing(Swoy), Dehaka(Jeongha), SGT. Hammer(ScSc) Dignitas Draft: Auriel(Bakery), Muradin(JayPL), Gul’dan(Mene), Tychus(Snitch), Chen(Athero) A lot of trading shrines back and forth at the 3:00 minute mark with the teams running completely even. Tychus dies at the 4:46 mark giving Ballistix a slight lead. Chen dies at the 5:24 mark furthering Ballistix lead. Ballistix takes the first Dragon Knight and distract in the mid lane while Sgt. Hammer pushes the bottom lane. Chen dies at 7:43 after getting isolated and Dignitas loses the bottom keep. 8:58 Ballistix takes the Dragon Knight and a fight breaks out in the top lane and Muradin gets killed. Then at 10:00 Ballistix takes out the

Fall Championship Semifinal 1 has come and gone and we here at Blizzpro have a re-cap for you on how it all played out. Recaps contain Spoilers. MVP Black(Korea) vs Fnatic(EU) Game 1. Map:Tomb of the Spider Queen Bans: Malfurion, Alarak, Gul’dan, Li-Ming MVP Black Draft: Valla(Sake), Muradin(Sign), Auriel(Merryday), Chen(Rich), Falstad(Kyocha) Fnatic Draft: E.T.C.(Breez), Tychus(Quakniix), Xul(Schwimpi), Leoric(Wubby), Rehgar(SmX) The game starts with both team doing 4 man rotations between top and mid lane.  At 6:18 there are still no deaths and Fnatic turns in their final gems for Webweavers. 1 for 1 trade at the 7:34 mark causing Chen to lose 30+ gems. 7:46 MVP turns in gems for Webweavers. At 9:42 Fnatic gets another turn in for their 2nd round of Webweavers.  MVP black loses both Top and Mid Forts on the push. At 12:18 Fnatic gets their 3rd Webweaver turn in and kills Muradin following up with a

The Evolution of ESports is explored in Blizzards new Documentary "A New Hero"

Group B decider has come and gone and we here at Blizzpro have a re-cap for you on how it all played out. Recaps contain Spoilers. ZeroPanda(China) vs Fnatic(EU) Game 1. Map: Braxis Holdout Bans: Valla, Tassadar, Zeratul, Valla ZeroPanda Draft: Malfurion(GM), Johanna(Six), Li-Ming(SK), Chen(M), Falstad(C) Fnatic Draft: E.T.C.(Breez), Jaina(Quakniix), Zagara(Schwimpi), Rexxar(Wubby), Tyrande(SmX) First blood at 1:46 taking out Johanna and giving the early lead to Fnatic followed up shortly with a kill on Falstad. At 3:35 Jaina falls to Zeropanda. At 4:27 Fnatic gets a 100-0 Zerg swarm which pushes bottom hard while blowing up the Fort. At 6:31 Falstad dies to Fnatic. At 8:18 Fnatic takes another 100-0 Zerg swarm. ZeroPanda gets a 2-0 team fight at 9:09 while defending against the swarm. ZeroPanda takes a 2-0 team fight at 12:07 on the beacon fight. 13:58 Fnatic gets a kill on Falstad while defending their Keep against a

Group A decider has come and gone and we here at Blizzpro have a re-cap for you on how it all played out. Recaps contain Spoilers. Please Buff Arthas(Taiwan) vs Dignitas(EU) Game 1. Map: Infernal Shrines Bans: Gul’dan, Tychus, Jaina, Illidan Please Buff Arthas Draft: Zagara(Alpha), Kerrigan(Baphomet), Sylvanas(Goddog), E.T.C.(Scroll), Auriel(Zola) Dignitas Draft: Malfurion(Bakery), Muradin(JayPL), Valla(Mene), Medivh(Snitch), Sonya(Athero) At 2:41 both teams posture for the top shrine with no kills on either side along with even experience. Digitas rotates for an experience lead at 3:26 while PBA takes the Punisher which evens out the experience. 6:00 Auriel is rooted and deleted for first blood on the side of Dignitas. PBA quickly turns it around by killing Sonya. At 6:32 ETC makes a great play with Face Melt to avoid death. At 7:10 Dignitas starts to take control and wipes out Kerrigan in a back and forth team fight following with another kill

Group B elimination has come and gone and we here at Blizzpro have a re-cap for you on how it all played out. Recaps contain Spoilers. Denial(NA) vs ZeroPanda(China) Game 1. Map: Sky Temple Bans: Illidan, E.T.C., Jaina, Chen ZeroPanda Draft: Kharazim(GM), Muradin(Six), Falstad(SK), Zeratul(M), Dehaka(C) Denial Draft: Xul(Glaurung), Johanna(KingCaffeine), Tychus(K1Pro), Malfurion(APM), Li-Ming(IDream) At the 2:30 mark a 4-0 team fight for ZeroPanda giving them a 1 level lead. At the 4:53 mark Xul dies to being isolated against 3 and ZeroPanda secures level 10. At the 5:56 mark Malfurion dies then shortly after at 6:05 marl Tychus also dies. At the 6:48 mark Denial isolates Zeratul and picks up a kill. At the 9:46 mark ZeroPanda takes the boss and gets a 16-13 level lead. At the 11:29 mark Denial picks off Falstad to close the level gap to 17-15. At the 12:53 mark ZeroPanda gets a 4-0 wipe

Group A elimination has come and gone and we here at Blizzpro have a re-cap for you on how it all played out. Recaps contain Spoilers. Astral Authority(NA) vs Dignitas(EU) Game 1. Map: Tomb of the Spider Queen Bans: Johanna, Tychus, Chen, Leoric Astral Authority Draft: Valla(CauthonLuck), E.T.C.(Fury), Auriel(Jun), Alarak(Psalm), and Dehaka(Cattlepillar) Dignitas Draft: Malfurion(Bakery), Muradin(JayPL), Gul’dan(Mene), Falstad(Snitch), and Tyrael(Athero) The First blood for Austral Authority came from killing Tyrael then Falstad. Astral then gets the first turn in. Tyrael gets killed again as Astrak pushes out mid. Dignitas gets two kills on Valla and Dehaka and then turns things around with a turn in of their own. Astral takes a big fight killing Tyreal on a great Dehaka dodge followed by a Auriel Aegis which allows an Astral turn in. Dignitas kills Alarak and ETC followed by a turn in. Then a 3 for 1 trade in Dignitas favor


2017 Heroes Esports Details Emerge

by Alebeard on

Blizzard promised to revamp the current HGC format into something new for 2017 and now we are starting to learn more about what that new format will look like. We already knew that the new system would feature league play as well as a relegation system. We didn’t know much else, aside from that fact that all players on HGC teams would be contracted and paid by Blizzard. Today we received new details on the 2017 Heroes Global Championship circuit courtesy of the Heroes of the Storm Esports page. Qualifiers for Phase 1 will take place after Blizzcon. Eight teams from each of the four major regions will begin league play in January. After five weeks of league play, top teams from each region will compete in March for $100,000 in prize money at the Eastern and Western Clashes. League play will then continue for five more weeks. The HGC Playoffs

When you are the defending Fall Regional Champions it is hard to say that you shocked the world, but in many ways that is exactly what Murloc Geniuses did this weekend at PAX West. Despite the fact that they won the first Fall Regional at Burbank, most of the hype coming into the second NA qualifier centered around Gale Force eSports, Team Naventic, and Denial eSports. While many people had Murlocs making it to the playoffs, few people were predicting them to win. These questions remained after an up and down Day One. They were taken to a Game Three by Team Name Change in their opening match before pulling out a victory. Next they were swept in the Winner’s Finals by Denial, although the games were closer than the score would indicate. They ended up facing TNC once again in the Decider Match, and this time they were able to

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