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Over on the Heroes of the Storm subreddit User CyaSteve is hosting a free tournament with the prize of Glory. While we are still very early in the phase of Heroes and lots of people are still not in, this will be a nice way to kinda get a taste of the tournament scene if you are one of the lucky currently playing. Head over to the Reddit thread to learn more information and sign up!


Community Commentary Roundup

by Hotstreak on

Blizzard released a blog highlighting some matches that were shoutcasted by the community. Blizzard has made the footage for each match that they have shoutcasted available with no commentary so that the community can have a crack at it. The results of that have been positive and is definitely giving some good practice to people who plan on shoutcasting Heroes of the Storm. You may remember that we recently hosted special guests Mike ‘Husky’ Lamond and Sean ‘Day’ Plott, who each stopped by Blizzard Headquarters in order to help us share fresh Heroes of the Storm showmatch shoutcasts with you. We had a blast joining forces with them in December and January, but we also released raw video footage of each game alongside their shoutcasts so that you could produce your very own Heroes commentary. We scoured the internet to find shoutcasts made by the Heroes community and wrangled quite a few of

Following last weeks Heroes of the Storm live Q&A broadcast, Dustin Browder and Day have released a new game play video where they commentate a match on the new map Cursed Hollow. You can see the official post here. Last Wednesday, we brought you our second live Heroes of the Storm Q&A broadcast and hope you enjoyed getting some rapid fire answers for your questions about the game. Following the discussion, Sean ‘Day’ Plott teamed up with Dustin Browder in order to commentate a live showmatch played by members of the Heroes design team on the Haunted Mines battleground. You’ve told us loud and clear that you’d love to see even more Heroes of the Storm gameplay footage and that’s just what we’ve got for you. Dustin and Day also went on to commentate a second game, this time on Cursed Hollow, and we’re pleased to share the VOD with you today. That’s not

Today was the 2nd Live Q&A hosted by Blizzard allowing fans to tweet them questions about Heroes of the Storm. You can watch the whole thing here. Watch live video from Heroes of the Storm on TwitchTV This Q&A featured Kevin Johnson (Community Manager), Kaeo Milker (Senior Game Producer), and Dustin Browder (Game Director), followed by a live match shoutcasted by Sean Plott (Day) alongside Mr. Browder. Much like the issues most people shoutcasting the game currently, Day went in blind not knowing most of what is happening and asked questions to Dustin that really helped clarify what is happening. But first the Wrap up! Right now the teams are currently working on: Internal Alpha Stage Art passes Going over everything again with art and colors User XP / User testing Hero design More Heroes like Abathur, commander-types. Heroes that play in fundamentally different ways. Click the question link to

With the official blog post that was posted on Christmas Eve, they released a video with just game audio and we thought this would be an ample time to try out shoutcasting for the first time ever. Go have a gander over here! Please let us know what you think and if you would like to see more of this! Obviously with time our knowledge will increase, we will have control of the camera and have playable knowledge. As a huge Diablo fan, I want to personally apologize for letting ZenStyle trick me into thinking that a Witch Doctor’s could summon mummies (was only half paying attention to him), he obviously doesn’t know what he is talking about. Head over to our reddit thread to give us some feedback or post here!

Looks like we got an  early Christmas present from the Heroes of the Storm staff. A brand new match shoutcasted by Dustin Browder and Husky This match takes place on the Cursed Hollow and really takes a different turn of events than we have previously seen on the previous matches they have released and shoutcasted. Two new heroes are revealed in this video. Warcraft lore fans will recognize them as Tyrande Whisperwind and Muradin Bronzebeard. Also revealed in the video are something called “Storm Powers” which you get at level 20. A second match was also shoutcasted below. This game had heroes that were present at BlizzCon. They also released a video without shoutcasting of a completely different match for others to shoutcast! Check it out on the official blog post here


Riot Games Reverses Streaming Mandate

by Zenstyle on

Well, that didn’t take long. All of two days ago, news broke that Riot Games had essentially banned contracted players from streaming specific titles, including all of the current Blizzard games and competing MOBAs. There’s been a sudden reversal on this stance, along with a message from Whalen Rozelle, Director of Esports at Riot Games on the League of Legends subreddit. Hey everyone, There’s been a ton of discussion around our LCS team contracts, which stipulated active LCS players couldn’t stream a variety of other games. First, background on why we did this: there’ve been instances of other game studios trying to buy access to League fans by using (or trying to use) LCS teams/players to promote their competing games on stream. The way we chose to deal with this was clearly an overreach. It hit our goal of preventing companies from advertising through LCS players, but it also encroached on

It’s not good business to advertise companies you perceive to be your competition, that’s just a simple truth. Major television stations seldom, if at all, advertise the series premieres of adversarial networks. Similarly, Red Bull will likely never allow images of athletes drinking Monster energy drinks to be shown at their sponsored extreme sporting events. It’s because of this longstanding precedent that it’s unrealistic to expect Riot Games to be kosher with their contracted players advertising other industry juggernauts, regardless of how long it’s been going on for. There was a large snafu on the internet earlier as the website onGamer revealed that, in the most recent round of contracts Riot Games sent out to their top players, their chosen few are essentially forbidden to stream certain games. That list of games includes all of the modern Blizzard titles, competing games in the MOBA genre such as DotA 2, Smite

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