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The ANZ HGC Competition came to an explosive conclusion this weekend with the Grand Final Series. Over the past few weeks the Qualifiers have seen the best of the best duke it out for the honour of competing in this event. The four teams that managed to achieve this were Nomia, Sweet Dreams, Plantronics NV and Sassu. The production value of these online matches were impeccable, aside from the odd connection issue, and the talented Disconcur and Skimmy cast the event live from ESL studios in Sydney. One of the most enjoyable facets of the production was the minimal downtime between games having few breaks last longer than 5 minutes. More entertaining portions of the day came from the banter between teams in the Drafting Phase showing the larrikin nature of the ANZ players. Going into the competition the favourites for sure were Nomia. However, eagle eye punters believed Plantronics


Lessons From The HGC Week 4

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What a weekend of HGC action! We found out which six teams will be representing Europe and North America at the Western Clash and we got our first look at professional play on the Valeera patch. Although Valeera herself only made a brief cameo (3 games), there was a noticeable change in the Meta as a result of the patch change. For starters, Tassadar was played or banned in 77% of the games played over the weekend. While this may sound high, he had been at 94% on the old patch. Malfurion continued to be a fixture in every game. Literally every game! Of the 75 games played over the weekend Malfurion was either picked or banned in every single one. Although his win rate was only 47% it still goes to show how much value the top players feel he has. Of Heroes who were played in at least


EU And NA Field Set For Western Clash

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There is still one more week of league play before the HGC officially takes a break for the Western Clash, but we already know which teams will be representing Europe and North America. As expected, Europe will be sending Misfits, Fnatics, and Team Dignitas to Katowice. The North American representatives are much more surprising. Most people expected to see Tempo Storm and Gale Force eSports qualify, but no one would have predicted that Team 8 would advance, let alone how convincingly they would do so. Left on the outside looking in are well known teams like B-Step (Formerly Denial) and Team Naventic. Still to be determined are which teams will advance from the Latin America and Australia/New Zealand regions. Image courtesy of ESL The Western Clash will take place at the Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice, Poland. Games will get under way on March 3rd, with eight teams battling it

The ANZ Heroes scene was rife with competition this weekend as it was the last chance for teams to qualify for the ANZ HGC Grand Final Tournament. Over the past few weeks the Gamestah ANZ Qualifier Series has been running and teams have battled it out for the first two seeds into the ANZ HGC Grand Final Tournament. Those first two spots went to favourites Nomia and Sweet Dreams, two of the strongest teams on the scene. This weekend, however, marked the final Qualifier where first and second place attained the last two seeds. Casters Disconcur and GLPhoenix performed an excellent job shoutcasting the games and analysing the drafts, especially through the difficult moments caused by the aggressive nature of ANZ players. One example of this was in Game 3 of the Losers Bracket Final, which saw NMD and Plantronics continuously fighting over the Beacons on Braxis Holdout. It was certainly


DJTyrant and I got together towards the end of the first day of Blizzcon to discuss some of our thoughts on the various announcements. Here we are for your viewing pleasure: Click on the YouTube logo at the bottom of the video to check out more of our Blizzcon video coverage. We had several members of the team on site covering all of the various Blizzard titles and more videos will be added soon.

We are just a few short hours away from the start of Blizzcon 2016! This event is a celebration of all things Blizzard, but here is what you can look forward to for Heroes of the Storm specifically. Panels Friday: 11am-12pm Opening Ceremony 2pm-3pm Heroes Deep Dive 4pm-445pm State of the Game 430pm-545pm Heroes Comedy Hour Saturday: 145pm-245pm Art It all starts with the Opening Ceremony on Friday. This is where we will get our first look at what new and exciting things are in store for the Nexus. Expect a lot of information to be released as soon as the Opening Ceremonies conclude. As you would expect from the title, the Deep Dive panel is where we will get all the juicy details of what was teased in the Opening Ceremonies. The State of the Game panel is usually a look at where the game is currently and where

Blizzard invited me, along with a few more of their closest friends, to campus on Monday, October 3rd to check out the latest feature coming to Heroes of the Storm: Brawls! You may recognize this as the Arena system that was unveiled last year at Blizzcon. Blizzard has been hard at work retooling, improving and iterating on what we played last year, and you will be able to try it for yourself very soon! Here are some important things to know: Heroes Brawl goes up on the PTR, October 10th Heroes Brawl will be released on the live servers, October 17th The Brawl will change each week, on Thursday’s. Play at least three Brawls in a week to earn a portrait and 1000 gold Heroes Brawl is more than just a new name for Arenas. The original idea has been fleshed out and new features have been added to make

With Heroes Brawl announced, we got to sit down with Claudio Gentilini, Producer from the Heroes team. We talked a bit about what has happened since Blizzcon 2015 and what the future may hold for this brand new fun filled mode! Be sure to check out our full breakdown and videos of full matches if you missed them! We were talking about the re-branded Arena, now called Brawl. Seems that you guys drew a lot of inspiration from other Blizzard games that have had similar game types like this. What do you think that was good that you took from other games and what were things that you put a Heroes spin on? Like you said, we definitely expanded arena mode into this much larger mode, so arena mode, became this smaller component of that mode. Just a piece of what is shuffled, pick and random heroes but Heroes was

When you are the defending Fall Regional Champions it is hard to say that you shocked the world, but in many ways that is exactly what Murloc Geniuses did this weekend at PAX West. Despite the fact that they won the first Fall Regional at Burbank, most of the hype coming into the second NA qualifier centered around Gale Force eSports, Team Naventic, and Denial eSports. While many people had Murlocs making it to the playoffs, few people were predicting them to win. These questions remained after an up and down Day One. They were taken to a Game Three by Team Name Change in their opening match before pulling out a victory. Next they were swept in the Winner’s Finals by Denial, although the games were closer than the score would indicate. They ended up facing TNC once again in the Decider Match, and this time they were able to

After two days of intense Heroes action, four teams are all that remain at the NA Fall Regional. This event has been a coming out party of sorts for Heroes such as Auriel, Medivh, and even Sgt. Hammer. Auriel has been first ban in several games, and the playmaking potential from Medivh’s portals has been shown repeatedly. Denial eSports grabbed the top spot from Group A. They started off a bit slow in game one versus Dumpster Tier Superstars, but they quickly found their stride. They ended up sweeping both DTS and Murloc Geniuses 2-0 to earn their spot in the playoffs. Denial showed glimpses of what their potential can be with iDream now on the team, but they also showed some vulnerability. Murloc Geniuses went thru some ups and downs on day one, but they were eventually able to secure the second spot from Group B. Long known for

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