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Cassia, Amazon Warmatron, will soon be entering the Nexus. This high damage ranged Assassin will be at her best when on the move. Her Trait, Avoidance (D), gives her 65 Physical Armor while moving, making a well played Cassia the bane of auto-attack Heroes. Her Trait, combined with the fact that she has a shorter range than most other ranged Assassins should keep Cassia constantly on the move. Lightning Fury (Q) is her primary poke ability. Cassia hurls a javelin that damages the first enemy hit and then splits into two lightning bolts that deal damage to targets on either side of the primary target. Blinding Light (W) is an AOE Blind with a slight delay. It also gives Cassia a 15% passive damage bonus to Blinded targets. Fend (E) allows Cassia to charge an enemy and then channel a flurry of javelin strikes for 1.5 seconds. For Heroics, Cassia has

The 2017 Spring Heroes Summit brought us a big amount of news coming our way in Heroes of the Storm starting with the revamped progression system, reward system, loot chests and an updated currency system. While many of these systems were hinted at during various panels at BlizzCon 2016, it’s great to see them come to fruition and how much of it is being released all at once. There was a ton of content to look at during the summit, so let’s break it down and dig into what impact this has on the Heroes scene. Progression System Blizzard came out of the gate at the summit initially announcing the progression system showing an understanding of how important it was to the community putting it out front and center first. Level caps for both accounts and heroes are essentially gone and “players shouldn’t reach the technical caps in my lifetime”.


Hands on First Impression on Cassia!

by djtyrant on

At the 2017 Spring Heroes Summit Blizzard gave us the opportunity to check out the newest Hero to enter the Nexus, the Amazon Cassia! A new ranged assassin being brought to the field of battle she provides some big damaging abilities alongside some series blinding abilities and a passive that, when played correctly, makes her very difficult to take down. Cassia’s passive will be bringing stutter stepping to the forefront as avoidance will be active when she is moving while not mounted and bring her an 65 armor against heroes basic attacks, a great counter to high burst auto attackers like Tracer, Valla, and Raynor. To maximize its value players will want to constantly be moving while getting attacks in during movements. Her Q ability, Lightning Surge harkens to the lightning Javelin so fondly remembered by Diablo 2 players. This hits the first target in its path and then splits


Anub’arak Guide: Un-Beetle-ble

by Alebeard on

Anub’arak once rose from the dead to rule over Azjol-Nerub and the Icy Depths beneath the Crusader’s Coliseum. Now he has risen once again and this time he has claimed the Nexus as his kingdom. Since being reworked in the Probius patch, Anub’arak has gone from being an occasional anti-mage counter to the strongest Warrior in the game. While he may not be picked as often as some other Warriors, he currently boasts the highest win rate of any Hero, Warrior or otherwise, on HOTSLogs. Anub’arak still does well against spell damage heavy compositions, but he is no longer limited to that role. He is a capable tank regardless of the enemy comp and he can be an effective bruiser as well. Anub’arak has everything in his kit that you would want from a Warrior. He has solid self-sustain, good tools to engage, and two different ways to Stun enemy


Why you should be scared of Arthas

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What do we know about Hero design and balance philosophy? If it doesn’t work, fix it. The problem with this is you see multiple changes made to certain Heroes that the Development Team either just can’t get right or gets too right and then has to tune them back again. We have seen this with many Heroes in the past, most recently with Murky. His rework was so effective in the lower leagues that he became the new first pick/first ban Hero and an ultimate pain to play against. So what did the development team do? They nerfed him. The opposite can be said for Arthas. Arthas has, since the game’s launch, been one of those Heroes for whom the Development Team cannot seem to get the right balance. Due to his versatile play style and lock down potential it’s very difficult to keep him in check especially when introducing


The Murloc Strikes Back

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With the release of the Lucio patch to Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard has seemingly resurrected a much-loved Hero. A former glorified character that once upon a time arguably took down Team DK, the Korean giants, for Cloud9 at the very first Global Championship. That’s right, Murky the Baby Murloc! For some time now, Murky has not been favoured in the Meta for multiple reasons; mostly because recent Hero releases allow his style of play to be easily countered. Developer Comment: Mrrgrgrlgrl! Rise my brother murlocs! Mrrrgrgrlrlgrl! Vengeance will be ours! In examining Murky, his original health and egg timers are vestiges of a different time, created before even Jaina entered the Nexus. It seems the Developers realized that post Murky, Hero releases have not been favourable to him and have decided to buff up a few things to compensate. Murky has been a niche pick for quite some time


Lucio: Party Rocking Healing

by Alebeard on

Lucio has arrived in the Nexus and he is ready to get the party started. Whether you need a body moving bass line or a spirit soothing melody, this freedom fighting DJ knows just what song to play. Lucio is a mobile Support Hero who provides sustained AOE healing. What he lacks in damage he more than makes up for in utility. In this guide will go over Lucio’s kit as well as a solid all around Lucio Build that will put your enemies into a trance and have your teammates cheering your name. Basic Abilities Soundwave (Q): Deal moderate damage to enemies in a cone shaped area and knock them back. Crossfade (W): Play either a Healing Boost track (yellow circle) to heal nearby Heroes or a Speed Boost track (green circle) to increase the movement of nearby Heroes. Amp It Up (E): Increase the volume of Lucio’s Crossfade track and increase its benefit


Lucio Ready to Amp It Up in The Nexus

by Malon on

Despite speculation that Alexei Stukov would be the next hero coming to the Nexus – after infested Terran eggs were spotted in the ‘Where’s Valeera’ image shared at the end of January – the HotS team has confirmed that we will instead be receiving the first Support hero from the Overwatch universe: Lucio, the Brazilian DJ and resistance icon. We see Lucio wall-riding (what advantage will it give?), buffing allies with his shielding ultimate and an AoE heal centered around himself, and duelling a Thrall with his knock-back alternate fire. Interestingly, it seems that – like Tracer – he’ll be able to move and shoot at the same time. The addition of Lucio completes the triumvirate of DPS, tank and healer. Will we get an Overwatch Specialist next (oh god, please be Junkrat)?


Valeera Talent Tree on the PTR

by balrogfanbp on

The Talents For Valeera are now Live on the PTR and Blizzpro has all the information you need! Level 1  Vigor – Quest. Valeera regenerates an additional 2 energy per second. Reward: After gathering 20 regen globes Valeera’s maximum energy is increased to 120 Subtlety – After remaining vanished for 4 seconds, using Ambush, Cheap Shot, or Garrote causes Valeera to regenerate an additional 10 energy per second for 5 seconds. Combat Readiness –  Each combo point spent grants 50 physical armor against the next enemy hero basic attack reducing its damage by 50%. Stacks up to 3 times. Crippling Poison –  Cooldown 15 seconds. Activate to cause Valeera’s next instance of spell damage to slow enemy movement speed by 25% for 3 seconds. Activating Crippling Poison does not break Vanish. Level 4 Relentless Strike – Reduces the energy cost of Sinister Strike by 10. Hemorrhage – Valeera deals 25% increased basic

Not that there was much doubt, but Valeera has officially stepped out of the shadows and into the bright lights of the Nexus. The latest In Development video provides the first look at her abilities as well as her various skins and tints. I really like her Master Skin, but I don’t know that I would ever use it after seeing the amazing Demon Hunter Valeera skin. The video also provides a sneak peak at several new Lunar Festival skins as well as a mount. The video does leave me with one question. Does Vanish include a silence? When Valeera uses it to attack Jaina is puts the Silence icon over her head. Now this might be a Talent, it could be part of another Ability, or it could just be a mistake, but it doesn’t show up anywhere else in the Valeera footage. The good news is we won’t

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