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The 2017 Spring Heroes Summit brought us a big amount of news coming our way in Heroes of the Storm starting with the revamped progression system, reward system, loot chests and an updated currency system. While many of these systems were hinted at during various panels at BlizzCon 2016, it’s great to see them come to fruition and how much of it is being released all at once. There was a ton of content to look at during the summit, so let’s break it down and dig into what impact this has on the Heroes scene. Progression System Blizzard came out of the gate at the summit initially announcing the progression system showing an understanding of how important it was to the community putting it out front and center first. Level caps for both accounts and heroes are essentially gone and “players shouldn’t reach the technical caps in my lifetime”.


The Murloc Strikes Back

by leg0lamb on

With the release of the Lucio patch to Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard has seemingly resurrected a much-loved Hero. A former glorified character that once upon a time arguably took down Team DK, the Korean giants, for Cloud9 at the very first Global Championship. That’s right, Murky the Baby Murloc! For some time now, Murky has not been favoured in the Meta for multiple reasons; mostly because recent Hero releases allow his style of play to be easily countered. Developer Comment: Mrrgrgrlgrl! Rise my brother murlocs! Mrrrgrgrlrlgrl! Vengeance will be ours! In examining Murky, his original health and egg timers are vestiges of a different time, created before even Jaina entered the Nexus. It seems the Developers realized that post Murky, Hero releases have not been favourable to him and have decided to buff up a few things to compensate. Murky has been a niche pick for quite some time


Sylvanas: Forsaken Pushing

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It’s been a decent bit of time since Sylvanas got a massive overhaul in the Nexus. Below we’re going to cover a build I’m personally fond of that enables you to both effectively jungle and participate in team fights when the situation arises. Abilities Trait Black Arrows Probably one of the best traits in the game. Every time you hit a minion, merc, or a structure, it becomes stunned for 1 full second. This enables amazing push out of her by virtue of simply letting your creeps do more damage by taking less damage themselves. They can’t hurt you if they can’t hit you. Q Withering Fire This ability comes with 5 charges, and every time you smash that Q button, you fire off an arrow that hits the closes enemy for a base 50 damage, it’s 49.92, but lets just round it up for simplicity’s sake. These arrows do


Patch Notes TLDR: Medivh

by Alebeard on

Whether you’re an old school player of the Warcraft games, a veteran of the Burning Crusade, or a fan of the recent Warcraft movie, chances are you have heard of Medivh. He has been a key figure in Warcraft lore, and now Medivh is making his way into the Nexus. Much like Heroes such as Abathur or The Lost Vikings, Medivh is a Hero that is difficult to define in conventional terms. Unlike those Heroes, what makes him so different isn’t his mechanics, it is the utility that he can provide with his unique set of abilities. Technically Medivh is a ranged Specialist, but he leans more towards a support role than damage or lane pushing. Note that support is not capitalized. Medivh is not going to take the place of a healer, despite the shields provided by his Force of Will ability. His tool kit not only allows him to


Medivh Spotlight Video Revealed

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Medivh is back and he is looking for redemption. Despite the mistakes of his past, the utility that he can bring to a team with abilities such as Raven Form and Force of Will should make him a welcome addition to many groups. He looks to have a very interesting, but complicated kit. His success or failure as a Hero is going to depend in large part on how well players are able to use the tools he provides. Played well and he could be a powerful force capable of setting up amazing plays for his team. Played poorly and he could end up being little more than a low damage scouting drone with minimal map presence. Medivh is expected to be released on June 14th. Take a look at the Spotlight Video below to learn more about the lore behind this unique Hero and to see his abilities in

About a year ago I got into the Tech Alpha for Heroes of the storm. If anyone reading has ever watched the Power Hour, you’ll know I’ve come from a Dota heavy background. I dove into this game with reckless abandon. I loved it compared to the other games. The simplicity that Heroes brought, yet its surprising depth sank its hook into me deep. The map variations and the talent system fascinated me. I couldn’t stop playing the game. I dropped all other mobas I had played for a good six or seven months before my old Dota team ragged on me enough to come back and play a few games with them. The results actually surprised me. I tank in Heroes but in Dota I mained support. Vengeful Spirit and Keeper of the Light were my go to characters. I realized that Dota became a lot easier due to


Xul, The Gatekeeper

by zexerous on

Xul has finally come into the nexus bringing an amazing kit with him to assist your teammates. Xul, despite being a specialist can control a team fight with amazing ability and bring incredible push to your team. We’re going to go into a build that should prove very useful into turning your opponents into corpses and help win team fights like this: Skills Q Spectral Scythe This skill shot ability will summon a scythe that returns to you a second after you cast this ability dealing a base 312 damage to everything in its path. You can also cast this and pull back to extend the range of it. Its not a bad skill to use when you’re being chased down. W Cursed Strikes This turns your attacks into AOE attacks that have a HUGE arc in front of you. We’re talking Leoric’s Skeletal Swing range. This skill also reduces


Abathur, not a banana slug.

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Abathur is a still constantly picked hero in the on many levels in the game. The automatic synergy he provides to the right team comp can turn any team fight in his favor. What’s better, is that Abathur can pressure a lane almost like no other character in the game. This constant simultaneous lane pressure and team fight synergy can make any game turn out in your favor. The following build will provide you some insight on how to build this slippery slug into a constant lane menace to force enemies to choose to take that team fight and lose a keep or a fort, or pull back and lose people by running away. Skills Q Symboite A.K.A. “The Hat” This puts a “buff” on the target ally or ally creep, that lets you access your secondary abilities, which will be covered later. Keep in mind this has a 3


Skills Q Slime Murky squirts out…something from his body. Slimy and nasty it initally applies damage to everything that’s hit by it and also affect it with the Slime status. Slimed things also take additional damage from this particular skill. It gets out of control in a hurry. All of these skills are free. Go hog wild! W Pufferfish This stupid fish, this skill sends out a little fish that charges up for 3 seconds and then explodes, dealing damage to everything in its radius. The fish can be destroyed after a few hits so take care on your placement of it, place it on top of enemy creeps or towers to make it hard to kill off for that assured damage. E Safety Bubble Probably his most infurating skill, you ever get this guy so close to death and then this stupid bubble comes out and he runs off


Sgt. Hammer Build: The Tank that Spanks

by balrogfanbp on

Sgt. Hammer is the siege tank from the Starcraft universe created for Heroes of the Storm. She is a siege specialist that can really dish out the range damage. With the recent patch shes back in full swing as a strong hero pick choice. She can really be nuisance for the enemies when in the hands of someone who knows how to position her. If you would like to see the basics on Sgt. Hammer check out the BlizzPro hero page that can be found here Basic Abilities Siege Thrusters -(Z) Shes a tank so no mount for her. Instead she can use this to get a burst of speed for a short period of time. This is one of her most important tools for survival against dive comps or failed engages. Artillery -(Passive Trait) This is all about the position game and with the recent changes to siege mode

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