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Nazeebo Build: Insecticide

by balrogfanbp on

Nazeebo is the Witch Doctor representative from Diablo 3 who brings his jars of bugs, waves of frogs, and walls of zombies to the Nexus. During the recent patch there has been a massive power shift towards Nazeebo and he is currently enjoying a very high win rate. I’m here to give you the goods to help you take your witch doctor game to the next level. If you need to brush up on the basics of Nazeebo you can check out his BlizzPro hero page here. Basic Abilities Voodoo Ritual -(Passive Trait) This is what allows Nazeebo to be a great harasser. Make sure you don’t forget to toss basic attacks on the enemies and minion waves to maximize this talent. This also allows Nazeebo to sustain very well as long as you put the Voodoo Ritual on each creep before they die. For example if you kill an

The Lost Vikings are very interesting characters that debuted back in the 16 bit days of gaming. Now The Vikings are revived into the nexus with probably the most complex and interesting mechanics of any hero in the game. Each Viking can be controlled individually or you can move them in a group made up of 2 or 3 of The Vikings. This mechanics leads to some great experience soaking opportunities but also makes them difficult to control. If you want to be good with the Vikings you have to play them a lot and this build should help you getting started. There is an alternate Auto Attack build that focuses on Baleog being buffed that is also very strong but I find that this build is a bit easier to get the most out of. If you want to see the basics and individual stats of The Lost Vikings


Azmodan Dunk Build

by JR Cook on

Episode 25: Azmodan Dunk Build In this weeks episode we talk about an interview Blizzard had regarding upcoming things in HotS such as player toxicity, MMR and other things.  We also give you the official Azmodan “Dunk” build!  Enjoy! http://patreon.com/heropowerhour Gameplay

Azmodan is the gross looking Lord of Sin from Diablo. In Heroes he plays as a long range lane pusher who is great at securing kills and split pushing. He can be an easy hero to pick up and play but a tough one to master. If you would like to see the basics on Azmodan check out the BlizzPro heroes page here. Abilities General of Hell (Trait) This guy is what makes you have great lane pressure early and when left alone later. Using this on your minion wave will buff all of the minions damage and and health by 15%. Remember to put this with minions in waves that are not being payed much attention to as you travel around the map. This will also buff your allies summons such as Jaina’s water elemental. Globe of Annihilation (Q) This is the long range harass tool that this build


E3 Reveal, Monk, and Skeleton King

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Episode 22: E3 Reveal, Monk, and Skeleton King The show was a little on the rushed side due to us waiting for Blizzard to take the stage at E3.  Luckily they did not disappoint!  We dive into what they released as far as information.  Leoric, Skeleton King, Monks, Treasure Goblins and more!  Then we give you a solid Gazlowe build and mini guide on how to play this goblin as solid as possible.  We hope you enjoy! Gameplay


Gazlowe Build:Mechanical Animal

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Gazlowe is the mechanical one man wrecking crew in Heroes of the Storm. Gazlowe is a strong lane pusher who excels at team combos with Grav-o-Bomb and being strong at positional battles that take place on key map objectives. While he can be a confusing hero who takes a lot of practice the pay off is well worth it. For all the basics on Gazlowe head on over to the Blizzpro hero page here. Abilities Salvager (trait) is a useful passive that can really up Gazlowe’s ability to stay in lane. Remember you can destroy turrets that won’t be useful by targeting them with the D button. Destroyed structures will also drop scrap so look for those during a push. Rock It Turret (Q) This is what make Gazlowe a force during the lane and team fight phase. These can be a pain for the enemy to deal with when


Sylvanas Build and Gameplay

by JR Cook on

Episode 14: Sylvanas Build and Gameplay Doing something a little different this week, please let us know if you like it or not. Decided to split up the show into 2 parts – part 1 is discussing news items and things happening in the community and giving a breakdown of a build. Part 2 will feature gameplay and focusing on team compositions.


Sylvanas: Support Your Team Build

by JR Cook on

Sylvanas came out last week and people have been playing the heck out of her. As is typical with new heroes, many people are already calling for the nerfs to come. I’d argue that while Sylvanas is a powerful hero, she’s squishy and can actually be dealt with pretty easily especially if you catch her alone. The mistake I see many players make is thinking they can absolutely push solo with her as people leave her alone. While if you do leave her alone she can tear up a lane by herself, most teams have figured that out pretty quickly. I think her strengths are actually what she can bring to team fights, especially late game, and that’s what this build is about. If you’re looking to top the boards in hero damage, you probably want a more assassin build (which I especially recommend if you find yourself with a

Blizzard has announced both the weekly sales and the weekly free hero rotation to go live tomorrow (March 31). If you’re looking for a deal on Chen or a skin for Nova, this is the week to take a look over at the sales! The sale details will follow and after that the free hero rotation as well. Good luck in the Nexus! Free heroes for this week are:


Sgt. Hammer Build and Gameplay

by JR Cook on

Episode 12: Sgt. Hammer Build and Gameplay This week we drop the hammer on the Nexus by breaking down the Sgt. herself!  Twizz walks you through the character breakdown, a build and some minor deviations depending on what you’re up against.  /salute!