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Zagara Build: Bad Brood Mutha

by balrogfanbp on

If you have seen me playing on the Heroes Powerhour you know that I’m typically using a tank or support. My all time favorite character in this game is Zagara though. I absolutely love the Zerg and the way that she plays in this game is right up my alley. For a quick overview of the basics head over to the Zagara hero page. Zagara’s activate-able trait is Creep Tumor which generates creep when you use it. Zagara and her summons move 20% faster on creep and have an increase in health regeneration. The creep is simply amazing for many reasons but one of the main ones is that it last for 4 minutes and gives you vision of an area. Using creep on main objective points can tip your team off as to where the enemy is. The creep has three main uses: fighting on it for a movement and


Abathur Build (Gameplay)

by JR Cook on

Episode 9: Abathur Build (Gameplay) Another 3-0 win streak for the team this week!  Twizz breaks down Abathur and how to use him effectively.  The first map isn’t really an “Abathur friendly” map, but you get to see him shine on the second game.  Third game was a league match and we end the show victorious.  We hope you enjoy!


Weekly Sale – Gazlowe and 2 Hero Skins

by JR Cook on

With the release of closed beta came the release of the weekly sales in Heroes of the Storm. So far it appears that Blizzard will offer one hero and 2 hero skins (with one of the skins being the hero on sale) and they will be 50% off. This week’s featured hero on sale is Gazlowe and you can pick him up for $3.24. The hero skin is the Big Top Gazlowe for $4.99 and the other hero skin is the Magni Muradin Skin for $4.99. This sale will last for 7 days and then be replaced by a new sale. Unfortunately the sale only pertains to real money transactions, so if you’re buying the hero with gold, you’ll still have to pay the full price. You can read more about this week’s weekly sale here.


With the release of the closed beta for Heroes now here, we also have a new set of free heroes for this week. Check out the list below and let us know which heroes you are going to try out this week with the new patch! Week of Tuesday, January 13, 2015: Muradin Raynor Rehgar Tassadar Tyrael Zagara (Available after you reach player level 12) Illidan (Available after you reach player level 15) Source: Heroes of the Storm Forums


Hero Rotation Week of October 21st!

by djtyrant on

Another week, and another free hero rotation from Blizzard for Heroes of the Storm! Who’s on the docket this week and who are you looking to try out? Falstad Muradin Raynor Sonya Uther Sgt. Hammer (Available after you reach player level 12) Brightwing (Available after you reach player level 15) Let us know in the comments who you are most looking forward to trying out!

The Heroes of the Storm Alpha is back online, and it returned better than ever with a new patch introducing two new Heroes. The official Heroes blog has released  a short interview with John Hodgson, who tells us all about the Nexus’ new specialist. Check it out below! It’s time for another Developer Insights to get the inside scoop about heroes and their abilities. This time, Game Designer John Hodgson sits down to chat about the Lord of Sin, Azmodan. Trikslyr: We’ve got a question from Twitter. @Thunderclaww asks “Azmodan seems more like a general, commanding the legions of Hell to do his bidding instead of engaging. How will that affect him (and his playstyle in Heroes of the Storm)?” John: Thunderclaww, we are in agreement: Azmodan is a general, and his armies are legion. Azmodan was designed to match his reputation as a masterful (although overconfident) military commander and


Community Corner: Studying the Storm!

by djtyrant on

While the wait for the Technical Alpha to come back up is coming to a close, we wanted to highlight some of the latest community creations. We are checking out a new show “Studying the Storm” from Anna Prosser and Jaycie Gluck whom are breaking down Blizzard’s newest MOBA/brawler and helping provide insight on the game while bringing on guests each week, some of which have included the likes of Idra and Four Court Jester. The show has two parts with a discussion and then a full play session to close out the show. We’re going to highlight their first episode which is a great starting point for players who are just getting started with Heroes. Watch as Anna and Jaycie go over the basics of Heroes game mechanics, talent trees, and strategy within the game. Part 1 Part 2 (Play Session) Studying the Storm broadcasts over on the Misscliks Twitch


More Master Skins Previewed!

by djtyrant on

Blizzard has released some additional previews for the Master Skins, with some really awesome designs for Zeratul, Tyrael, Tychus, Raynor, Brightwing, and Nova! As a reminder the Master Skins are unlocked when you max out a heroes level and you can purchase them for 10,000 gold (no real money purchases appear to be attached to Master Skins). Without further ado check out the following video from Blizzard that showcases Zeratul, Tyrael, Tychus, Raynor, Brightwing, and Nova! Make sure to check out the Blizzard post that is recapping all of the previews that they have released so far (and there are a bunch!)


Richard Khoo Talks Zagara

by Zenstyle on

The zerg broodmother Zagara was introduced to the Nexus in yesterday’s patch, and the short version is that she’s a lot of fun to play. There will be more to come on her in the next few days, but today Community Representative Trikslyr sat down with Senior Game Designer Richard Khoo for yet another discussion on the theories behind the hero. Trikslyr: Zagara’s heart truly lies with the Swarm. She believes the zerg are superior in every way to any other lifeform in the StarCraft universe. What were some of the important steps the design team took to make sure Zagara felt powerful and zergy?   Richard: In the lore, Zagara is a zerg broodmother that summons and commands an endless legion of zerg to destroy her enemies. We took that fantasy to heart when we designed her kit and made it so all of her power was reflected in


Zagara Week Kicks Off

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Zagara week is officially upon us, so insert puns about creep here. The Heroes of the Storm community management team unveiled both the hero trailer and hero blog, giving us all kinds of material to study up on. Currently, Heroes is down for maintenance. I’d be surprised if she’s not available for purchase when the game comes up, however. Like Murky, Zagara is a specialist that excels at base destruction. She’s not much for claw to claw combat, but she can bolster her strength with a portable brood and looks like a real pushing menace. Check out the video and blog information below. If Kerrigan is the Queen of the Zerg, then Zagara is the mother of the brood. Cunning and tenacious, she commands her vicious minions on the field of battle. Zagara hails from the StarCraft universe, and if you encounter her brood you’d best beware: Mess with her children, and you