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Storm Watch: Naziba

by Hotstreak on

Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks Storm Watch where we are going over Naziba the Witch Doctor. Naziba is a ranged damage dealer that does poison damage, lots of AoE, and will try to overwhelm you with pet summons. Back Story Naziba, the Heretic. All Witch Doctors hail from the Umbaru tribes. Secluded deep in the jungles of Kehjistan, the Umbaru people are unlike any other in the lands of Sanctuary. They have very deeply rooted spiritual beliefs and teach that this life is nothing but a shadow of what really awaits us on the other side. Real life exists in the Mbwiru Eikura, the Unformed Land, and our spirits go there when we die. Due to this belief the Umbaru have learned to not fear death and ritual sacrifice is a normal part of life in their tribes. One of these practices is the Igani Bawe or Harvest


Storm Watch: Gazlowe

by Hotstreak on

Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks Storm Watch where we will be going over Gazlowe. Gazlowe is a ranged damage dealer that uses gadgets and lazers to get the job done. Back Story “Time is money, friends”, a saying all goblins live by and Gazlowe is no exception, or is he? As a youngster, Gazlowe was a thief but managed to make enough coin through his adventures to start his own legitimate business. A business which boomed into one of the world’s most successful trading ports. Gazlowe manages the trading operations on Kalimdor in the town of Ratchet. After the events of the Third War, Gazlowe was approached by Thrall to be the Chief Engineer in the building of Orgrimmar. He was tasked with finding a reliable water source in the dry, harsh climate of Durotar. Digging tunnels outside the city in search of an underground well, Gazlowe and


Storm Watch: Sgt. Hammer, the Siege Tank

by Taffer on

Fueled up and ready to go! Welcome to this weeks Storm Watch where we will be going over one of the recently added Heroes, SGT Hammer, the Siege Tank from Starcraft. SGT. Hammer is a siege unit that relies on positioning and good teamwork to be able to deal your damage. He also will be very good at holding people off from range and controlling bottlenecks in certain maps. But as always, first the Back story. Back Story The Terrans have always enjoyed giving creative monikers to its various tools of war; firebats, vultures, ghosts, goliaths, all are simply names that can at best give vague clues as to their intended purpose. When it came to the siege tank, however, the engineers behind it must have seen no reason to sugar-coat what their newest technoligical terror did best. Development of the siege tank began as simply another artillery project under

In a good way mind you. From what I have gathered from the datamined information from the MMO Champions post (which could be wrong, but for now let us go off the speculation that this is correct info for theory crafting) Almost every Hero gets a Trait at the final level called “Bolt of the Storm” The only 2 Heroes that don’t have this ability based on datamined information are the Diablo III Barbarian and SC2 Zeratul. They get something called “Resurgence of the Storm” Again, let us speculate that this is something a fair amount of the Heroes will get and how that will affect the game. When the entire enemy team hits level 20 they will have a the choice of talents and if they pick this one (as they should) their entire team will be able to teleport across the map and be able to target specific


Thoughts on the Heroes I played at Blizzcon

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While at Blizzcon I had a chance to play Heroes a few times. I played three live games against other players and two bot games against very easy bots on the press computers upstairs. I will get into the Heroes I played, how I felt about their abilities, and overall impressions. VS real people Valla – Demon Hunter (Assassin) Demonhunter is one of my favorite classes from Diablo III (Monk #1) so I was pretty excited to try out the AD carry-esc type hero in Heroes. Sadly she felt really slow compared to how quick she feels in Diablo III. Every time a talent came up I would pick up attack speed to make her feel more quick in that regard; but I still felt slow at moving and unable to buy something like boots. Her vault skill made movement feel okay. But once you dropped out of it you

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