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The 2017 Spring Heroes Summit brought us a big amount of news coming our way in Heroes of the Storm starting with the revamped progression system, reward system, loot chests and an updated currency system. While many of these systems were hinted at during various panels at BlizzCon 2016, it’s great to see them come to fruition and how much of it is being released all at once. There was a ton of content to look at during the summit, so let’s break it down and dig into what impact this has on the Heroes scene. Progression System Blizzard came out of the gate at the summit initially announcing the progression system showing an understanding of how important it was to the community putting it out front and center first. Level caps for both accounts and heroes are essentially gone and “players shouldn’t reach the technical caps in my lifetime”.


Lucio: Party Rocking Healing

by Alebeard on

Lucio has arrived in the Nexus and he is ready to get the party started. Whether you need a body moving bass line or a spirit soothing melody, this freedom fighting DJ knows just what song to play. Lucio is a mobile Support Hero who provides sustained AOE healing. What he lacks in damage he more than makes up for in utility. In this guide will go over Lucio’s kit as well as a solid all around Lucio Build that will put your enemies into a trance and have your teammates cheering your name. Basic Abilities Soundwave (Q): Deal moderate damage to enemies in a cone shaped area and knock them back. Crossfade (W): Play either a Healing Boost track (yellow circle) to heal nearby Heroes or a Speed Boost track (green circle) to increase the movement of nearby Heroes. Amp It Up (E): Increase the volume of Lucio’s Crossfade track and increase its benefit


Auriel Patch Up For Testing On PTR

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The PTR has returned for another round of testing. The game hasn’t received a new Support in almost ten months, so for many the highlight of this patch will be the release of Auriel from the Diablo universe. The pool of healers is fairly thin, particularly at the highest level, so Auriel should bring needed variety to that role. Her Resurrection Heroic has the potential to be a game changer. It does require a 3 second channel however, so it will be interesting to see how effective it is, and how many people opt to go with her other Heroic, Crystal Aegis, instead. As exciting as a new Hero always is, the real purpose of the PTR is to test upcoming changes to the game and this version is no different. Kael’thas is a patch notes regular, and he once again tops the list of Hero changes. His spot as a


Blizzard Talks Support Heroes

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There was a time when the official forums were one of  the few places where you could hear from and interact directly with Blizzard team members. That has changed with the rise of tools such as Twitter, Reddit, and VODs, but the term Blue Post is still synonymous with official information. While that term often gets used now to encompass any post a Blizzard representative makes regardless of the site, the original Blue Post is still alive and well on the official forums. One of the more recent Blue Posts is from Developer Matt Cooper on the subject of Support Heroes. What makes the post interesting is that it details common player concerns, the design philosophy behind Supports, as well as possible changes that the team is considering go forward. If you have thoughts on this subject, log on to the official forum and join the discussion. Blizzard really does

A new Balance Patch was released today, one day earlier than expect thanks to a bug involving Tracer and her Pulse Bomb. While the list of changes is short, one of the most popular Heroes in the game is once again on the hit list. Kael’thas has received yet another nerf, this time centered on the damage over time component of his Living Bomb (W) ability. The explosion damage has been increased however, so at the lower levels, where players are less apt to spread out and avoid bomb damage, this might actually be a bit of a sideways buff. Despite many changes, Kael’thas always seems to rise from the ashes so there is no reason to expect this time to be any different. Next up is Chromie, with a slight buff to her Time Trap (E) ability. The last Hero on the list is another staple of these Balance


Malfurion: Druidic Power

by zexerous on

Malfurion has been in the Nexus for quite sometime now and has come in and out of the meta at various points. However, I feel many people are sleeping on this versatile support. While I’ll admit he’s not the strongest healer in contrast with others like Uther and Rehgar, Malfurion still brings a valuable took kit along with him. Below I will show a favorite build of mine for full versatile support. Trait D Innervate This is a wonderful skill that gives an allied hero 20% of their maximum mana back over 5 seconds. This keeps those mana intensive heroes in fights longer and helps keep them from needing to tap that valuable well often. Abilities Q Regrowth This heals a target ally for 156 base health instantly and then will heal for another base 390 health over 10 seconds. This is admittedly slow, but the over time heal is


Brightwing: Global Support

by balrogfanbp on

Brightwing is one of my favorite heroes to play as and she finally fell back into the meta so it was time to update her build. If you need to see the basics on Brightwing check out the hero page here Basic Abilities Phase Shift – (Z) Brightwing doesn’t have access to a mount but instead can teleport to an allies position anywhere on the map. This effect has a 45 second cooldown so try to get the most out of it. This is the main thing that makes Brightwing unique. The ability to be global is a big deal and to get the most out of it you must keep your eye on mini map and coordinate ganks with teammates. Soothing Mist – (Passive) Heals everyone in a radius around Brightwing. Positioning is important to maximize the effect of Soothing Mist. You must get used to it’s radius so


Updated: Uther Build

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Uther is one of the most recognizable heroes from the Warcraft series. In Heroes of the Storm he is an amazing utility support with great stuns. I always think of Uther as the best support you can pick for a team comp that is centered around diving or roaming. Uther also does a good job of shutting down melee centered teams with his amazing stuns. If you would like to see the basics on Uther head over to his hero page located here. Abilities Eternal Devotion -(Trait) This allows Uther to cast a short cooldown healing spell from a spirit form before actually dying. This talent can really help your team come out on top during very close team fights. Don’t be afraid to get into the action if you can turn a 1 for 1 into a 3 for 1. Holy Light  – (Q) Just a healing spell really.

About a year ago I got into the Tech Alpha for Heroes of the storm. If anyone reading has ever watched the Power Hour, you’ll know I’ve come from a Dota heavy background. I dove into this game with reckless abandon. I loved it compared to the other games. The simplicity that Heroes brought, yet its surprising depth sank its hook into me deep. The map variations and the talent system fascinated me. I couldn’t stop playing the game. I dropped all other mobas I had played for a good six or seven months before my old Dota team ragged on me enough to come back and play a few games with them. The results actually surprised me. I tank in Heroes but in Dota I mained support. Vengeful Spirit and Keeper of the Light were my go to characters. I realized that Dota became a lot easier due to


Tyrande Build: Marked for the Kill

by balrogfanbp on

Tyrande is the Night Elf from Warcraft who is the High Priestess of Elune. In Heroes of the Storm she is a reliable support with a very high win rate especially recently. Her trait and her long range stun might be two of the best things in any heroes kit in this entire game. She’s a force to be reckoned with and best of all she can be the sole support on a team and handle things just fine. If you want to brush up on the basics of Tyrande you can check out her hero page located here. Basic Abilities Hunters Mark – (Activate-able Trait) This trait alone is the reason Tyrande is good. With a little team coordination it allows you to kill the unkillable enemies such as Johanna, Butcher, and Cho’gall. Not only that it allows your team the ability to quickly remove a priority target like the

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