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Li Li Build: Snakes on a Panda

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Li Li is the adventurer who found her love for exploring through reading her Uncle Chen’s journals. Li Li has found a lot of success in the current meta because the popular double warrior team composition is vulnerable to the blinds and constant sustain Li Li provides. Li Li doesn’t have many buttons to press, has amazing sustain, and can be a tough hero to kill when played even marginally safe. It’s those reasons why Li Li is considered one of the easier heroes to play. If you want to read up on some of the basics on LiLi, such as her stats, head over to the BlizzPro hero page which can be found here. Basic Abilities Fast Feet -(Passive Trait) This is a pretty basic trait that makes Li Li very hard to catch and kill.  It gives you extra speed when you need it most. Healing Brew –


Lt. Morales Low Win Rate

by JR Cook on

Episode 36: Lt. Morales Low Win Rate This week we talk about an interesting tweet from Dustin Browder as well as make some BlizzCon predictions! We also give you a Sonya and Muradin guide/breakdown. We hope you enjoy! Game Play


Medic Patch

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Episode 35: Medic Patch In this weeks episode we discuss everything from the Medic talents to hot keys some people may not have known about or forgot. We also discuss the latest bundles and much more! http://patreon.com/heroespowerhour Game Play


Kharazim Build: Medicine via Punching

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Kharazim is one of the most recent supports added to the game and represents the monk class from Diablo 3. In Heroes of the Storm he plays as an in your face melee support. His heals and ability to bail his teammates out of sticky situation makes him a welcome addition to any team. If you would like to read up on the basics about Kharazim head over to the BlizzPro hero page which can be found here. Basic Abilities Transcendence -(Passive Trait) You have an option to pick between 3 passive traits at level 1 but this is the one you will be selecting all the time as a support. Without this trait Karazim’s heals are lacking so skipping it isn’t really an option. Iron Fists – (Passive Trait) The extra damage could be nice if you end up in a team that already has a main support although the bonus


Monk Patch Discussion

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Episode 29: Monk Patch Discussion This week we polish off the patch notes we dove into last week. We also discuss various articles on http://heroesofthestorm.blizzpro.com as well as some of the new mounts and a bunch more! Also please note that due to money constraints – the show will now only be available in audio format on iTunes. Video was just way too expensive for handle unfortunately. http://patreon.com/heroespowerhour Game Play


Uther Build

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Episode 27: Uther Build This week we discuss the latest news in the Nexus as always. We discuss an article on http://heroesofthestorm.blizzpro.com that leans towards being an approachable player and we give you a solid talent build for Uther. We hope you enjoy! http://patreon.com/heroespowerhour Gameplay


Uther Build: All The Buttons

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Uther is one of the most recognizable heroes from the Warcraft series. In Heroes of the Storm he is an amazing utility support with great stuns. I always think of Uther as the best support you can pick for a team comp that is centered around diving or roaming. Uther also does a good job of shutting down melee centered teams with his amazing stuns. If you would like to see the basics on Uther head over to his hero page located here. Abilities Eternal Devotion -(Trait) This allows Uther to cast a short cooldown healing spell from a spirit form before actually dying. This talent can really help your team come out on top during very close team fights. Don’t be afraid to get into the action if you can turn a 1 for 1 into a 3 for 1. Holy Light  – (Q) Just a healing spell really.


Rehgar Build: All Purpose Support

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Rehgar has been the top support in most peoples book for a long time. Rehgar brings strong heals, damage, and utility to every team fight with his amazing variety of spells. Rehgar’s skills allow him to be not only a great healer but a highly mobile chase down hero. For the basics on Rehgar check out BlizzPro’s hero page here. Trait and Abilities Rehgar’s trait is Ghost Wolf(Z) which allows Rehgar to turn into a wolf instead of mounting. While he moves 10% slower than mounted characters he does not break form when struck. This allows Rehgar some great mobility for escapes and chase downs. Rehgar also gains 100% extra damage to his next basic attack while he is in wolf form but attacking will break the form. Make sure to use this when getting camps or for some extra damage when dueling other heroes. Chain Heal(Q) is a heal


Brightwing Build: Dragon Support

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Brightwing is a hero I’m very familiar with and I enjoy playing her very much. She’s a strong support with great teleports, strong heals, and the best disable in the game. If you want to see some of the basics on her check out the hero page here. Brightwing’s main thing that makes her special is that fact that she does not have a mount but instead can use Phase Shift (Z) to teleport to any allied hero on the map. This ability has a 45 second cooldown which is fine as long as Phase Shift is used properly. Map awareness is key to being able to get to your allies in time for a quick tide turn. Phase shift is also great for hearthing back for mana then jumping right back into the fight in seconds. Brightwing’s trait is Soothing Mist and it’s going to be your main source

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