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Lili Healing Guide

by JR Cook on

Episode 6: Lili Healing Guide In this episode of the Heroes Power Hour we feature Lili!  We break her down into a sweet healing build and play a few games.  Our last game is a free for all where we just pick Heroes we like and play a game for fun.  We hope you enjoy!

Today Blizzard added the Lunar Festival items we saw in the preview video of upcoming skins and mounts. This also means the last bundle with the new skins for Brightwing, Zagara, and Tassadar skins alongside the magic carpet mount are no longer available in the bundle. The magic carpet is no longer available in the store, but Blizzard has stated that in the future mounts available only in a bundle will be available in the future individually. So what’s in this new bundle? A skin for both the Pandaren heroes, Lili and Chen alongside the Lunar Tiger. The bundle is in two separate bundles, the Lunar Festival Skin Bundle (which includes the two skins, and the mount) for $22.47 or in the Lunar Festival Complete Bundle which also has Chen and Lili if you do not own them already will run you $32.96. (be aware pricing may vary by region).


Uther, Thrall, and Patch Notes

by JR Cook on

Episode 3: Uther, Thrall, and Patch Notes In episode 3 of the Heroes Power Hour we have special guest @BrawlyHS join us on Thrall! We cover all the patch notes and play a few games as an aggressive support!


With the release of the closed beta for Heroes now here, we also have a new set of free heroes for this week. Check out the list below and let us know which heroes you are going to try out this week with the new patch! Week of Tuesday, January 13, 2015: Muradin Raynor Rehgar Tassadar Tyrael Zagara (Available after you reach player level 12) Illidan (Available after you reach player level 15) Source: Heroes of the Storm Forums


Hero Rotation Week of October 21st!

by djtyrant on

Another week, and another free hero rotation from Blizzard for Heroes of the Storm! Who’s on the docket this week and who are you looking to try out? Falstad Muradin Raynor Sonya Uther Sgt. Hammer (Available after you reach player level 12) Brightwing (Available after you reach player level 15) Let us know in the comments who you are most looking forward to trying out!


Community Corner: Studying the Storm!

by djtyrant on

While the wait for the Technical Alpha to come back up is coming to a close, we wanted to highlight some of the latest community creations. We are checking out a new show “Studying the Storm” from Anna Prosser and Jaycie Gluck whom are breaking down Blizzard’s newest MOBA/brawler and helping provide insight on the game while bringing on guests each week, some of which have included the likes of Idra and Four Court Jester. The show has two parts with a discussion and then a full play session to close out the show. We’re going to highlight their first episode which is a great starting point for players who are just getting started with Heroes. Watch as Anna and Jaycie go over the basics of Heroes game mechanics, talent trees, and strategy within the game. Part 1 Part 2 (Play Session) Studying the Storm broadcasts over on the Misscliks Twitch


More Master Skins Previewed!

by djtyrant on

Blizzard has released some additional previews for the Master Skins, with some really awesome designs for Zeratul, Tyrael, Tychus, Raynor, Brightwing, and Nova! As a reminder the Master Skins are unlocked when you max out a heroes level and you can purchase them for 10,000 gold (no real money purchases appear to be attached to Master Skins). Without further ado check out the following video from Blizzard that showcases Zeratul, Tyrael, Tychus, Raynor, Brightwing, and Nova! Make sure to check out the Blizzard post that is recapping all of the previews that they have released so far (and there are a bunch!)


The Fury of Rehgar

by Zenstyle on

Heroes of the Storm’s most recent addition to the hero pool is a big, mean-spirited orc shaman. Beyond that, I know basically nothing. Apparently, he’s involved with slave pits and gambling, or something. He represents the first character that I’ve purchased in-game who I have essentially no emotional investment in. Even Murky, as annoying as he was in his initial stages, held some measure of sentimental value to me because I was once a newbie in World of Warcraft, hopelessly outmatched by the murloc hordes. Why mention this? My review of Rehgar is not rooted in nostalgia, which is unusual for me. The character is, essentially, just a package of skills and little more. I wish I could say I’m a big fan of his appearance, but ultimately his anemic looking one-handed swatting orc judo does little for me. That said, I am in love with his abilities and talents. His


Trikslyr Talks Heroes Roles

by Zenstyle on

Community Manager Trikslyr recently sat down with IGN Associate Editor Leah Jackson to do a short series of videos discussing hero roles in Heroes of the Storm. The series just wrapped up with the final installment talking about the specialist class. Whether you’re a veteran of the alpha or on the outside looking in, the videos are entertaining and a good primer on who all does what. Warrior Assassin Support Specialist 


Lili Trailer Released

by Zenstyle on

I’ll be honest. When I loaded up this video I felt positive that Lili Stormstout would be like, feasting on some poor guy’s corpse, a la Brightwing. Thankfully, Lili is a gentler sort of hero. She enjoys adventuring, and exploring, and not the flesh of her enemies. Illustrated in the video below, Lili’s primary focus is healing, although she does have the ability to put out some damage where required. She’s a fantastic support and definitely worth trying out if you have access to the Nexus at present. Also, she’s not a violent, horrifying, adorable beast like some other heroes.