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Rexxar Build: Two of a Kind

by balrogfanbp on

Rexxar is a unique hero in the nexus. He is considered the warrior class but his bear, Misha, feels like she does most of the warrior workload. Rexxar is kind of a niche pick for certain maps and team comps but is very strong in the right situation. He is one of those heroes that people either like playing or avoid like the plague. I think Rexxar is worth the effort because the pay off is a ton of stuns and damage output from a warrior that can stay relatively safe. If you want to see the basics on Rexxar check out the hero page here Basic Abilities Misha, Follow! – (Trait) You can activate this trait in order to make Misha return to Rexxar. This is useful for changing targets and moving Misha to other characters for peeling. Spirit Swoop – (Q) This is good sneaky damage that also


Johanna, Olympic Diver

by zexerous on

The first build I ever wrote for BlizzPro was a Johanna guide. After some recent changes to her kit, I have decided to come back to one of my favorite tanks with a much more aggressive build that is sure to surprise enemy teams. Skills Q – Punish This is your slow, it hits in a wide arc in front of her, this slows the any enemies in front of her for two seconds. It is also a massive slow at 60%. At higher levels this is going to be a critical part of your wave clear. W – Condemn This is probably one of the best abilities in the game. It is a short cool down stun that activates after a second in a circle around her. This is used to not only stun but pull people towards Johanna. This sets up for her Q and other abilities. With


Diablo is a hero that can be played a few different ways depending on your preference. I personally like to get in there and mix it up with Diablo while putting out some good damage. The early game is generally an exercise of patience but in the mid game Diablo can take control and help your team win some major fights at key points. If you want to see the basics on Diablo head on over to his BlizzPro hero page located here. Basic Abilities Black Soulstone – This trait allows Diablo to make sacrifice plays to secure big team fight wins. Remember after Black Soulstone activates Diablo will return with significantly less health and you may need to re-adjust your play style until you are able to gather more souls. Shadow Charge – (Q) Diablo’s bread and butter initiation and isolation tool. I’ll typically us this to dive on


Cho, the smarter head.

by zexerous on

Cho is the better half of Cho’gall the two headed Ogre Magi. Being the tank portion of the two, Cho brings several unique skills to the nexus which we will explore below. Skills Q Surging Fist After charging up for a second Cho charges forward quickly in a superman punch that will deal a base 46 damage and knock everyone aside. This is a wonderful skill for body blocking people and setting Cho up for his other skills or even to get out of risky situation. Keep in mind that you can be stunned out of it during your windup so if you’re holding it and get stunned, you’re now without your punch. W Consuming Blaze This is such a wonderful skill for Cho in that this is an AOE nuke and a heal for you at the same time. It’ll deal a base 134 damage and if you connect


Stitches Build: King of Isolation

by balrogfanbp on

Stitches is a gross looking abomination from the Warcraft universe. In Heroes of the Storm he plays as a high health isolation tank with the ability to spread poison all over the place. Stitches win rate hasn’t been great lately but he still excels in the right team and is often the best warrior choice for a team looking to roam and gank or isolate key targets. There is a few ways you can play this hero as I will highlight below but if you would like to check out the basics on Stitches head on over to the BlizzPro hero page located here. Basic Abilities Vile Gas – (Passive Trait) I think this passive is very important to Stitches ability to impact a team fight especially in the late game. The possibility the damage from vile gas can secure a kill that would have otherwise gotten away is not


ETC, Genesis of Sustain

by zexerous on

Skills Q  Powerslide This is one of your best tools initiation tools. ETC slides in and stunning and dealing some minor damage to everything he hits along his path. This is great for setting enemies up to get knocked out of position by your next ability. W  Face Melt ETC plays a sick guitar riff and knocks everything around him back a short distance. This is great to get someone off of you while you run or to knock somebody into the loving arms of your teammates after a sick powerslide. E  Guitar Solo You will be using this, a lot. This is your sustain.  This is how you will be staying alive and staying in lane far longer than you have any right to. After using this, he begins regenerating health for 4 seconds. This ability will get insane late game and make you feel like King Crimson. Ultimates


Artanis Week

by JR Cook on

Are you ready to step into the Nexus and do battle with your favorite hero? Of course! We all are! But how equipped are you for battle? How are you going to build your Hero to be the most effective combatant and team member possible? That’s where the Heroes Power Hour comes in. You can only get so much from audio podcasts. It’s time to see it with your own eyes on video! Every week your host Twizz features a new hero, talent build and explanation to help you take the Nexus…well…by storm. The Hero is broken down by abilities and talents and then several games are played by him and his co-hosts. So sit back, enjoy the fun, check out the build and become a better player with us! Live on Air: Tuesday 9:00 PM CST Channel: BlizzPro Email: podcast@blizzpro.com Twitter: @TwizzBP, @BalrogfanBP, @DJTyrant, @Eldorian Episode 37: Artanis Week

Artanis week begins with the first StarCraft warrior hero arriving to the game in Artanis. Lt. Morales also sees a bit of a health and regeneration buff to make her a little less squishy and maybe that will help her win rate. Other changes come to the draft system which will now penalize AFK players while also giving players more time to make their hero selections. There is also changes to the match making system which should help pit players more correctly with others of the same skill level. You can read the full notes below.

Sonya, the representation of the barbarian class from Diablo 3, has seen a bit of a resurgence as of late. She is a strong bruiser with some of the best initiation and sustain tools in the game. A good Sonya is the perfect compliment to a true tank when running a double warrior comp but can also function as the sole warrior on the team in certain setups. The main challenge for players new to Sonya is learning how much damage she can sustain through and when to initiate. These are skills that can be acquired through getting to know the hero roster and plenty of practice with Sonya. If you want to see some of the basics on Sonya you can go check out the BlizzPro hero page here. Basic Abilities Fury – (Trait) This is the mechanic Sonya uses instead of mana. Fury is gained by taking or


Muradin, Party Crasher

by zexerous on

Muradin has undergone significant changes since the last build was featured. This revisit of one of the best warriors in Heroes will take another look at him and give you a build that will reflect his new strengths and changes that will help control the tempo of the game and give your teammates much needed help in locking down those squishies and winning team fights. Skills Q – Storm Bolt This is his skill shot stun, making sure you land it is core to maximizing Muradins potential in team fights. 1.5 second stun it provdes is the perfect setup for that kael or jaina combo to put a huge amount of hurt on your enemies or snipe someone off from trying to run away and help secure that gank on someone. W – Thunder Clap Thunder Clap is where a great deal of your team fight control is going to

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