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The ANZ Heroes scene was rife with competition this weekend as it was the last chance for teams to qualify for the ANZ HGC Grand Final Tournament. Over the past few weeks the Gamestah ANZ Qualifier Series has been running and teams have battled it out for the first two seeds into the ANZ HGC Grand Final Tournament. Those first two spots went to favourites Nomia and Sweet Dreams, two of the strongest teams on the scene. This weekend, however, marked the final Qualifier where first and second place attained the last two seeds. Casters Disconcur and GLPhoenix performed an excellent job shoutcasting the games and analysing the drafts, especially through the difficult moments caused by the aggressive nature of ANZ players. One example of this was in Game 3 of the Losers Bracket Final, which saw NMD and Plantronics continuously fighting over the Beacons on Braxis Holdout. It was certainly


Ten Thousand Kicks

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I was fortunate enough to be a guest recently on the Nexus Trolls podcast. I had a great time doing it and one of the topics we discussed really stuck with me. The show features a weekly strategy segment entitled Mystic’s Shakedown. In this particular episode the topic of discussion was One-Trick Ponies, or players who specialize in one particular Hero. It was inspired by the following quote from Bruce Lee. The point is clear. It is better to be a master of one thing than to be mediocre at many. While this makes perfect sense in the real world, does it hold true in the Nexus? Is it better to be great at one Hero or to be average at many Heroes? I don’t think the answer is quite as obvious. On the show, Mystic gave his thoughts which you can hear in the video below (there is also an awesome


Lessons From The HGC Week 3

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Another weekend of intense HGC action means another opportunity to look to the pros for ways that we can improve our own games. One of the greatest parts of the HGC is that each region has its own distinct style of play and Hero prioritization. In addition to games from NA and EU, this weekend also brought us our first look at the Korean HGC. Considering that every Global HGC event with the exception of Blizzcon 2015 has been won by a Korean team, there is a lot to be learned from watching how our Korean Overlords play. Long Live the King! Varian saw a notable uptick in play this last weekend. North America had already been featuring a fair amount of Varian, but several Korean teams also drafted comps featuring the Alliance King. EU even got in on the action by picking Varian four times over the weekend after

The PTR is live and everyone’s favorite upbeat DJ is ready to turn in up. The PTR will be available until February 13th, with Lucio expected to hit the live servers the following day. In addition to a new Support Hero, this patch will also bring with it the For Azeroth! event, which you can read more about here. While players will not be able to compete this event on the PTR, they may encounter elements in the course of play. This patch also includes quite a few Hero changes. Notable changes include buffs to Valeera, a Murky rework, and a swap of Varian’s Level 13 and 16 Talents. Read all about these changes and everything else currently included in this PTR build below.

In another fine example of Blizzard cross-promoting their games the Heroes of the Storm team announced an upcoming promotion with ties to the home of many Nexus heroes: Azeroth. During the For Azeroth! event beginning February 14th and running through March 14th players can earn two epic in-game mounts, one for World of Warcraft and the other for Heroes of the Storm (along with a few other in-game goodies).


Individual Hero XP Coming To Brawls

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In a response on the Reddit thread announcing this week’s Hero Brawl, Hammer Time, it was revealed that individual Hero XP will eventually be coming to Brawls. Here is the official comment from Game Designer John DeShazer: While the post itself is light on details, it is good to know that this often requested feature is in the works. It would make sense that this feature might accompany the upcoming rework to Account and Hero leveling, which there is also no ETA for. I don’t know about you, but I for one would play a lot more Brawls if they included Hero XP. If you would like to join the discussion, simply click here to visit the official Reddit thread.


Lessons from the HGC Week 2

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Welcome back to Lessons from the HGC, where we study the competitive scene to look for ways that we can improve our own games. It is important to note that HGC games are currently being played on the Zul’jin patch, which means none of the reworks, buffs, or nerfs that were a part of the Valeera patch are in the build they are playing on. This is relevant because Tassadar continues to be a highly valued Hero, with an incredibly high ban and win rate. It also explains why no one is riding around on the sweet Golden Rooster mount. His Time Has Come Artanis has long had a loyal following of devoted players patiently waiting for him to rise to the top of the Meta. That day has finally arrived, at least in North America. What makes Artanis such a threat is the playmaking potential of Phase Prism, especially


Balance Update for January 27, 2017

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A new Balance Update was released today aimed at addressing several bugs that have recently been affecting the game. The patch also includes a change to the Lunar Festival Rooster Race event, causing it to spawn more often and be easier to complete. Last but not least, there are also the usual buffs to under performing Heroes and nerfs to over performing Heroes. Continue scrolling down to check out the full patch notes and see if your favorite Hero is on the list.


Lessons From HGC Week 1

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The first week of the new and improved Heroes Global Championship is in the books. Not only did it provide great matches and interesting games, but it also gave us our first real look at the competitive Meta since Blizzcon. While not everything about the pro game translates to Hero League or Team League, there were still several great takeaways from last weekend’s games that we can apply to our own games. Ragnaros is still the Boss Just when Hero League players were starting to think they didn’t need to ban Ragnaros every game, the pros went and showed us what a devastating force he still is. He was picked first more than any other Hero and he finished the weekend with a win rate of over 60%. While Lava Wave sees a lot of play in HL and TL, the Heroic of choice for the pros was Sulfuras Smash.

It is certainly no surprise that Heroes of the Dorm is returning for 2017. The event is a perennial crowd favorite, and has garnered quite a bit of mainstream attention in its first two years of existence. What is a bit of a surprise is that this year’s event will be exclusive to Facebook Live. The Group Stage for this year’s tourney will begin on February 15th, and registration is open now. Bracket Play will begin on March 18th with the top 64 teams competing for their spot in the Heroic Four on April 8th. The location of the Heroic Four hasn’t been announced yet, but it will take place in front of a live audience. You can read all about this year’s event below, and if you would like to register a team simply visit the official Heroes of the Dorm site. This is also where you will want

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