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Our friend Kevin Carlino (AKA Sixen, MVP on the official Diablo forums and also expert regarding all things Blizzard All Stars) has posted a new episode in his Blizzard All Stars series. This is episode 15 and he talks about why we haven’t been hearing too much about Blizzard All Stars lately. In a recent Activision-Blizzard conference call which we reported on here – we noticed a slide that said what Blizzard would release in 2013 and what their long term releases were. Blizzard All Stars didn’t show up for 2013 but showed up on the long term. This leads us to believe that Blizzard All Stars won’t be out anytime soon and has been somewhat delayed (quite possibly hit by the same “reset” button Titan just got hit by). Either way, Sixen talks about all of this in a short and sweet segment and you should watch it –

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