Abathur - Evolution Master

The Zerg may be one of the most destructive forces in the galaxy, but at their core they are driven by the most base definition of evolution: the survival of the fittest and the most adaptable. Abathur, a creature created by the Overmind to serve as the Swarm’s Evolution Master, is in many ways the embodiment of that concept. It is essentially a weaver of DNA, taking strands from one lifeform and molding it into other existing Zerg to in order to improve them or even create whole new creatures entirely. When the Zerg encounters a new species, it is ultimately Abathur that decides if they should be incorporated into the Zerg. However, should it decide that they are a waste of DNA, they are simply destroyed outright. However, there is no final goal for Abathur, no point at which he will claim to have perfected the Zerg. Perfection, according to Abathur, is impossible and therefor a waste of energy. Improving efficiency is what drives Abathur, a never-ending pursuit that will ensure that both it and the Zerg will always have a purpose and a need to seek new life and consume it.

When Sarah Kerrigan was captured by the Zerg, it was Abathur who molded her into the Queen of Blades, an excruciatingly painful process that left Kerrigan with little love for the Evolution Master. Abathur then continued its sinister work until the fall of the Overmind, which left it without purpose. Without a binding will to supervise it, Abathur turned into a ravenous beast that consumed anything it crossed paths with, leaving it too strong to be tamed by any of the various Cerebrates and Brood Mothers that attempted to fill the void left by the Overmind. Only the Queen of Blades was able to bring Abathur to heel, and with his regained sanity, Abathur returned to his true calling.Dominion.

Lore written by staff writer Tim Bales – JGGiant

Starting Statistics

Health Health Regen Damage Attack Speed
550 (+50) 1.1445 (+0.105) 18 (+2) 1.43 per second

Combat Trait

Deep Tunnel

Combat Trait

Locust Strain


Symbiote Toxic Nest

Secondary Abilities

Stab Spike Burst Carapace