Anub'arak - Traitor King

Long before the arrival of the Lich King, the Nerubian Empire stood as the dominant force of Northrend. From their subterranean cities, the Nerubians remained unchallenged for centuries. However, they would become one of the first victims of the Lich King’s growing power. Upon his arrival, the Lich King found that the spider-like Nerubians were immune to his plagues and mind-control, and thus sought to eradicate them in traditional fashion. The Nerubians, led by their king Anub‘arak, stood against the undead onslaught for ten long years in what would become known as the War of the Spider. Unfortunately, the Nerubians eventually fell and found that they were not immune to the Lich King’s will entirely. Upon raising his enemies from death, the Lich King found a new army in the undead Nerubians and a new commander in Anub‘arak, his first Crypt Lord.

Anub‘arak, like many of the Lich King’s servants, did not relish his status as a slave to his master’s will but had no alternative but to obey. For years, Anub‘arak hunted and eliminated what was left of his former kingdom. This continued until he was sent to escort Arthas Menethil to the Frozen Throne, a journey that led them through much of Anub‘arak’s former Empire. Upon reaching the Frozen Throne, Anub‘arak watched as Arthas climbed the tower and merged with the Lich King.

While the new Lich King slumbered, Anub‘arak returned to his capital of Azhol’Nerub and continued to hunt down the remaining Nerubian resistance. There he would remain until the invasion of Northrend by the Alliance and Horde. At the request of the Nerubians, these new heroes ventured deep into Northrend’s underground and faced Anub‘arak in a battle for the future of the Nerubian Empire and it’s people. The former king proved no match for these heroes and, for a time, found the freedom he had been missing for so long.

Sadly, his servitude did not end there. As the armies of King Varian Wrynn and Warchief Thrall closed in on Icecrown Citadel, the Lich King raised his Crypt Lord once more and sent him against the staging grounds of the Argent Tournament. While Anub‘arak had once maintained some of his original personality in his first reincarnation, despising the Lich King while still forced to serve him, the Anub‘arak that assaulted the Argent Tournament had no will left. Little more than a dog at the Lich King’s command, Anub‘arak was once again put down by brave heroes of the Alliance and Horde, never to rise again.

Lore written by staff writer Tim Bales – JGGiant

Starting Statistics

Health Health Regen Damage Attack Speed Mana Mana Regen
800 (+180) 1.668 (+0.375) 45 (+9) 1.00 per second 500 (+10) 3.00 (+0.098)

Combat Trait

Scarab Host

Heroic Abilities

Web Blast Locust Swarm