Diablo - Lord of Terror

Everyone knows the name of fear and it is Diablo, Lord of Terror. He is the namesake of and one of the most central characters to the Diablo franchise.

Diablo, like his brothers Mephisto and Baal, was born from one of the seven heads of the great dragon Tathamet at the beginning of time. He is the youngest of the three Prime Evils that rule over the Burning Hells but he is also the must cunning and farsighted of the Primes. Diablo relishes in the terror he inflicts upon his victims and knows that the key to victory is preying upon the fears of those who stand in his way. Unlike his kin however, Diablo doesn’t conquest for the sake of power, he draws his satisfaction from the terror that runs rampant before the onslaught. Even his own realm within the Burning Hells is a testament to horror, few would dare go into the Realm of Terror where even demons are afraid to venture.

The story we know of Diablo starts a few hundred years ago when he was banished to the Mortal Realm of Sanctuary during the coup d’etat in Hell that would later be known as the Dark Exile. Diablo and his brothers immediately set about spreading terror, hatred and destruction across the lands of men until a group of mages known as the Horadrim managed to defeat them and lock their souls within sacred relics know as the Soulstones.

Diablo’s Soulstone was locked away and forgotten for almost three hundred years under the town of Tristram, but during this time he sought ways to free himself from his prison. Eventually a new ruler named Leroic would make Tristram his capital and put his throne over the very ground where Diablo was buried. Leroic’s advisor, Archbishop Lazarus, was actually an emissary sent by Diablo’s brother Mephisto who had escaped his own soulstone some time before. Lazarus freed Diablo and helped him try to possess King Leroic, but Diablo was too weak from his imprisonment to fully possess Leroic and instead drove the poor king insane. Lazarus’ next victim would Leroic’s youngest son Albrecht, who proved to be the perfect vessel for the return of the Lord of Terror.

Leoric’s last remaining son, Aidan, would soon hear of his father’s madness and his brother’s disappearance and set off to defeat the evil growing in Tristram. Aidan was eventually able to defeat Diablo, but his victory would be short lived as he was tricked into jamming Diablo’s Soulstone into his forehead and allowing the demon lord to possess him. Aidan was able to contain Diablo’s essence at first, but was slowly losing a battle he could never win.

A witch and servant of Diablo named Adria was residing in Tristram during these dark times and sensed her master within the body of Aidan as he returned from defeating the demon lord. At Diablo’s behest, She seduced Aidan so that she may bear a child that contained the essence of her master.

Aidan soon faltered against Diablo’s influence and would head East so that he may unite with his brothers in an attempt to conquer the Mortal Realm with the power of the Soulstones now under their control. Diablo’s plans would soon be foiled by a band of heroes from all across Sanctuary… Or so it would seem.

Twenty years after his defeat by the mortal heroes, Adria would return and use her child, Leah, to revive Diablo yet again but now he would be infused with the power of all of the seven great demon lords of the Burning Hells. Diablo, now reborn as the Prime Evil, almost succeeded in his goal of conquering all of Creation if it wasn’t for the intervention of another mortal hero, the Nephalem.

But is Diablo truly dead? How does one kill Terror when all living things keep Fear within their hearts?

Lore written by staff writer Neinball

Starting Statistics

Health Health Regen Damage Attack Speed Mana Regen
1060 (+260) 2.207 (+0.543) 49 (+11) 0.91 per second 500 (+10) 3.00 (+0.098)



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